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Blogosphere: DC Streetcar Benefits, Twin Cities Light Rail Resistance, Fed Transpo Funding, Mortgage Refi Aid, Urban Density & Diversity

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Streetcars Benefit from DC's Bottom Line

Greater Greater Washington

One of the key differences between buses and streetcars is that streetcars induce land development. That benefits the city from a Smart Growth and urbanist perspective. It also turns out to be a big win for the city's coffers...

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Blogosphere: Shuster - Rebuilding Transport is Key


Transportation is essential to our nation's competitiveness and economy. Congress has the opportunity in the coming weeks to put job creation and economic development in the fast lane with the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act...

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Opinion: Stop the Light Rail Extension

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Some politicians and editorial boards ("Move forward with transit investments, Jan. 19) are happy to jump on the bandwagon for the next extension of light rail in Minnesota, the Southwest line. But what are the true costs? And can we afford it?..

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Blogosphere: Who's Afraid of Big Bad Transport Bill?

Portland Transport

The US House recently unveiled their proposed Transportation Bill. And it's horrible in pretty much every way: It gives the shaft to pretty much any mode of transport that doesn't have an exhaust pipe...

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Blogosphere: Time to Make the House Bill Better

DC Streetsblog

The House transportation bill will be marked up by the Transportation & Infrastructure committee tomorrow morning, and advocates are fighting for amendments that would improve the provisions for active transportation and transit...

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Blogosphere: Salvaging Underground Reservoir

Houston Tomorrow

Planners are looking for a way to reuse a defunct underground reservoir, originally built near Buffalo Bayou and Sabine Street in 1927, according to The Houston Chronicle:...

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Blogosphere: White House Announces Refinancing Aid


President Obama announced today a move that could allow millions of homeowners-including underwater homeowners- a chance to refinance their mortgages into lower-interest federally insured loans, saving an average borrower in the area of $3,000 a year...

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Blogosphere: Claire Bowin Interview Part II

LA Streetsblog

Yesterday, Streetsblog published the first of a two part interview with L.A. City Planning Department's Claire Bowin. Bowin has had her finger in a lot of pots in her tenure with Planning, working on the Bike Plan, the Mobility Element, the Housing Plan, the Cornfield Arroyo-Seco Plan, and Bike Plan Implementation...

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Blogosphere: A Garden City for the 21st Century


Aberdeen, a city in Scotland, is not only transforming its urban center into a garden and cultural center, but also making sure the proposed designs suit the needs of the public...

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Blogosphere: Framing - Density is People

Seattle Transit Blog

I said, in an earlier post, that there are three problems facing advocates of smart, sustainable growth in Seattle and around the Puget Sound. The first was a lack of a simple message around which to build the case for putting future growth in our cities...

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Blogosphere: Density & Diversity Making States Blue

The Atlantic Cities

The geography of American politics is shifting, and this is especially true in the Mountain West. These six states - Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah - are undergoing changes large and small..

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Blogosphere: Digital vs. Analog Transforming Cities

Next American City

The other day I got a phone call from Josh McManus to talk about his work and Next American City's Storefront for Urban Innovation. Josh is a Next American Vanguard who started a project called CreateHere in Chattanooga, Tenn...

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Blogosphere: An American Ringstrasse

Brooklyn Rail

Alan Ehrenhalt does not like the word "gentrification." That it is fraught with political meanings, that it is charged with racial overtones, and that it, itself, is enough to make urbanologists and city planners instinctively reach for their hypertension meds...

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Blogosphere: Building Community One Story at a Time

LA Streetsblog

WHAT STAYED WITH HER were the stories, said Yolanda Davis-Overstreet, South LA native and director of "Ride: In Living Color," a documentary currently being filmed on African-American cyclists...

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