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Blogosphere: Federal Transit Funding, Subway Advertising, HSR Budgeting, Recivilizing The Alley, Goat Lawn Mowers, Dimming Light Pollution

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Blogosphere: Conservative Motion to Cut Transportation

DC Streetsblog

The House has just defeated, in a 323 to 82 whopper, a motion to instruct members of the transportation bill conference committee to slash spending by nearly 30 percent in order to stay within the projected limits of the Highway Trust Fund...

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Blogosphere: Korean Subway Train Looks Like Beach

Transportation Nation

Friend of TN, Stephen Nessen sent us this pic from a subway car in Seoul. When the New York subway system coats a car in advertising, or plasters an entire station with one ad campaign, they call it "full wrapping" and "station domination." Aggressive terms...

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Blogosphere: HSR is Infrastructure, Not a House

California HSR Blog

Government budgets and household budgets are not the same. Progressive economists have been railing against this false analogy for years, with Paul Krugman leading the charge:..

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Blogosphere: In Which Rhetoric Ceases to Convince

The Transport Politic

On Friday, members of the U.S. House took one of the most significant votes on transportation in years. A non-binding motion brought forward by Representative Paul Broun (R-GA) to limit federal transportation expenditures to receipts from the fuel tax assembled in the Highway Trust Fund was defeated, massively defeated, by a 82 to 323 vote...

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Blogosphere: The MPG of a Human

UCSD Phyisics (via Transportationist)

On Do the Math, three previous posts have focused on transportation efficiency of gasoline cars, electric cars, and on the practicalities of solar-powered cars. What about personal-powered transport-namely, walking and biking?..

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Blogosphere: Bike/Ped Funding Under Attack

DC Streetsblog

The House GOP couldn't pass a transportation bill of their own, so now they want to undo one of the major bi-partisan achievements in the Senate transportation bill. As part of its counter-offer to the Senate in conference committee negotiations over the transportation bill,..

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Blogosphere: Indianapolis Streets Can Be More

Indianapolis Star

City-County Councilman John Barth stood on the corner of 39th and Illinois streets one night last week, explaining the benefits of a proposed ordinance to make such areas friendlier to those not in cars...

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Blogosphere: Recivilizing the Alley

Old Urbanist

I've devoted several posts to critiquing the way many contemporary developments have reintroduced the alley as a design feature in new developments...

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Blogosphere: The Dresden Drainpipe

The Atlantic Cities

How'd you like to be looking out the window of this house and accidentally drop your phone? Into the tinny maw of this byzantine drainage system it would go. It might make a series of hard plunges at 90-degree angles before doing a loop-de-loop, tantalize your hopes for a second by popping out into the air, then disappear once again into what looks like a foghorn...

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Blogosphere: Rent A Goat to Mow Your Lawn

The Pop Up City

Urban farming has been all the rage, but what happens when you throw some multi-functionalism into the mix? How about goat rentals for mowing your lawn? San Francisco's City Grazing has been keeping a herd of 50 goats to manage the growth in their pasture...

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Blogosphere: Austin Dims Light Pollution


Those purple markers (which are clickable at the map's website) indicate how much or how little night sky is visible. For the ones near the city core, the emphasis is on "little."..

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