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Blogosphere: Gold Standard BRT, Social Media & Cairo Traffic, Chicago Elevated Park, Fort Worth TIF

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: 160 Mile Gold Standard BRT Planned

Greater Greater Washington

Today, Montgomery County unveiled the detailed report from its "Transit Task Force," a group of officials, advocates and experts who have been meeting for over a year to plan a 160-mile Bus Rapid Transit system...

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Blogosphere: Social Media Taking on Cairo's Traffic

Good Magazine

Egypt's televised presidential debate earlier this month, widely lauded as an indicator of democracy's triumph in the region, was delayed when one candidate was reportedly caught in traffic...

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Blogosphere: Transplant Talks Denver Transit 

Urban Indy

Our new landlord and her 16-year-old daughter Audrey took us to their favorite Thai restaurant, a ten minute walk from our new place. In an attempt to make small talk, I asked Audrey if she was excited to finally be getting her driver's license...

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Blogosphere: Southwest Corridor BRT Line?

Portland Transport

In the previous post, we noted that Metro had approved study for the Powell/Division corridor. A Metro planner indicated that the region in the future would be pursuing a less capital intensive strategy in the future, and hinted that the Southwest Corridor might just not be light rail. ..

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Blogosphere: Chicago's Elevated Park Ready to Bloom

Pop Up City

Like the wildly successful High Line park in New York City, the Bloomingdale Trail will be Chicago's celebrated elevated park. Just days ago, planners submitted a framework plan to guide the community-oriented design process...

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Blogosphere: Growth Fed By Young Entrepreneurs 

Urban Cincy

It is not always easy to fully tell the narrative of a place and its people through words alone. This, I would suspect, is one of the most constant struggles for writers and professional journalists...

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Blogosphere: Chinese Town in Rural Michigan?

Atlantic Cities

A group of Chinese investors reportedly wants to build a 400-unit upscale housing development in rural Michigan designed specifically for Chinese immigrants...

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Blogosphere: Why Moldova is Not in the EU

New York Times Borderlines

Earlier this month, Catherine Ashton, the European Union high representative for foreign affairs [1], applauded the resumption of freight rail traffic through eastern Moldova as "a crucial step forward for restoring confidence between the sides to the Transnistrian issue."..

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Blogosphere: Can Liverpool Win Place on Global Stage?

The Urbanophile

Mayors, city planners, and business leaders from around the world were joined by a surprise last-minute delegate at the New Cities Summit in Paris last week...

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Blogosphere: Scenes from Japan's Tallest Tower

The Atlantic Cities

Tokyo's Skytree made its official debut earlier today in front of about 200,000 visitors. The tower offers two separate observation decks (one at 1,148 feet and another at 1,476 feet) as well as a small collection of restaurants and shops...

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Commentary: Is the City of Houston Shrinking?

Houston Chronicle

During its fiscal year 2011, the City of Houston apparently lost more population than it had gained in the previous 10 years. That's according to a couple of numbers on page 227 of the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for that year...

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National: Sundance Square Gets TIF'd

Next American City

Sundance Square is a roughly 35-block collection of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues layered with office space and residences in the core of downtown Fort Worth, Texas...

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