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Blogosphere: Guide For MAP-21, Best & Worst Transpo Projects, Pedestrian Deaths, Rail Development Goal

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Blogosphere: T4 America Releases Guide for Map 21

Transportation For America

Transportation for America today released an easy-to-follow handbook to help stakeholders understand and engage in implementing the new federal transportation law adopted last summer...

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Blogosphere: Sierra Club's Best/Worst Transpo Projects

Greater Greater Washington

Capital Bikeshare, the Purple Line, and Silver Line are among the best transportation projects in America, according to the Sierra Club's annual list of the 50 best and worst...

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Blogosphere: Raleigh's Pedestrian Rebound

The Atlantic Cities

Who says city rankings don't matter? In 2009, the think tank Transportation for America released a report called "Dangerous by Design" [PDF], ranking the least pedestrian-friendly metro areas in the country...

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Blogosphere: What's Behind Pedestrian Deaths?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is out with traffic fatality data for 2011, and the news is not good for cyclists, pedestrians or, for that matter, anyone who uses U.S. roadways...

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Blogosphere: Metro Sends Inquiry to DC on TIFIA

Metro The Source

Perhaps the most notable part of the last federal transportation bill was a significant expansion of a federal loan program called TIFIA. In essence, the program uses the federal government's credit to provide favorable loans for transportation projects in the United States...

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Blogosphere: Will Venice Finally Get First Skyscraper?

The Atlantic Cities

In his 75-plus years in the fashion industry, the 90-year-old couturier Pierre Cardin has molded silhouettes, cinched panstuits, and stretched and shortened hemlines. More recently he has sent his sights on shaping the Venice skyline...

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Blogosphere: Investing in Rail to Get the Development

Keystone Politics

Here's an important lesson from the Charlotte Observer: rail is a real estate development tool. You make public investments in rail if you're prepared to allow a lot more population density near train stations, and not otherwise...

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Blogosphere: Recession, Some N'Hoods Underperform

Better Cities and Towns

Although city housing generally outperformed suburban housing in the recession, according to a Philadelphia-area study, there were significant exceptions. Prices in mixed-use, compact, suburbs with transit access declined - about 20 percent - less than the regional average...

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Blogosphere: Google Earth Black Marble


The satellite that took these images flies over any given point on Earth's surface twice each day at roughly 1:30 a.m. and p.m. Hovering 512 miles above the surface, the satellite sends its data once per orbit to a ground station in Norway...

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