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Blogosphere: LA Rail Car Politics, Bike & Walk Investments Pay Off, Affording Affordable Housing, Urban Pollution & Obesity

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Opinion: MTA Does Right Thing on Rail Cars

Los Angeles Times

It is in the nature of politicians to keep making the same mistakes over and over again, especially if they're the kind of mistakes favored by a lawmaker's key financial backers...

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Blogosphere: Small Investments Can Pay Off

DC Streetsblog

If you ever doubted whether a small investment in biking and walking could have a large impact, here is your proof. The last transportation law, SAFETEA-LU, provided four communities with four years of funding to build an infrastructure network for nonmotorized transportation..

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Blogosphere: "Complete Streets" Policies Sweeping NJ

It was a banner week last week for sustainable transportation advocates in New Jersey. Both Essex and Mercer Counties approved Complete Streets policies joining Monmouth County to become the second and third counties in New Jersey to adopt a Complete Streets policy...

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Blogosphere: Lessons from an Unbuilt Beltway

At Lincoln House

A little over forty years ago, Boston said no to the Inner Belt -- an eight-lane freeway that would have blasted through the urban fabric from south of downtown, through Cambridge, and reconnecting with Interstate 93 north of the city in Somerville...

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Blogosphere: Missteps with Outer Beltway Story

Greater Greater Washington

WAMU's Metro Connection aired a sadly one-sided story on Friday about long-debated, oft-rejected proposals to build an Outer Beltway across the Potomac, far from the region's core...

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Blogosphere: Is Mica Leaving T&I at Year's End?


T&I head John Mica is facing term limits that could kick him out of his job at year's end, but he's confident he'll have a plum spot next year. But Mica might be daydreaming: He'd need Republicans to waive a relatively new rule limiting members to six years atop a committee, or he'd have to take on a popular chair of another committee...

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Blogosphere: Why Do Buses Stop After Intersection?

Seattle Transit Blog

Any longtime bus rider has noticed that Metro tends to place its stops so that buses must pass through the intersection before they open their doors. That's great for runners, but not so great if your transfer whizzes by on the cross street...

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Blogosphere: Ecology More Than Flora and Fauna

Per Square Mile

Sigrist isn't entirely wrong-our understanding of the natural world must consider human impacts. The thing is, many ecologist already do that. If Sigrist had written this decades ago, I would concede his point...

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Blogosphere: Urban Think Tank on Borderlands

The Polis

"If we extend Goethe's metaphor ["I call architecture frozen music"] beyond architecture, we might say that urbanism is 'frozen politics.' It then becomes apparent that there is a need to develop new mechanisms that can 'unfreeze' the boundaries of this condition...

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Blogosphere: Population Density by Latitude

Big Think's Strange Maps

Did you know that almost 90% of the world's population lives in the northern hemisphere? And that half of all Earthlings [1] reside north of 27°N?...

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Blogosphere: Who Can Afford Affordable Housing?

Chicago Policy Review

With more than 1.8 million housing units subsidized since the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) was introduced in the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the LIHTC has become the primary vehicle by which low-income rental housing is developed across the United States...

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Blogosphere: Crime Reduced, But at What Cost?

The Atlantic Cities

When it comes to local budget decisions, the goal of fiscal balance often means that one type of expenditure is cut so that another can be increased. If fire and police departments need more, for example, the libraries get less...

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Blogosphere: Is CAD Stifling Homebuilding Recovery?

New Geography

The front cover of Engineering News-Record on March 12th, 2012 was about a technology survey conducted a few weeks earlier. Of 18 issues surveyed, the need for better software was mentioned most frequently...

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Blogosphere: New Ballpark District Project

Denver Infill

Today, we have more good news in our efforts to rebuild Denver's historic urban fabric. As I mentioned a little over a week ago, there were several Downtown districts like Ballpark, Arapahoe Square and Golden Triangle that were particularly negatively impacted by the parking-lot craze...

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Blogosphere: TIFs, Subsidies Key to Rebuilding

RE Journal

For Jim Sansone, it's a simple fact: The 350,000-square-foot retail project Plaza on the Boulevard in Jennings, Mo., would not exist were it not for development subsidies...

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Blogosphere: Urban Pollution Linked to Obesity

Huffington Post

It's well known that a poor diet and physical inactivity are the main contributors to obesity, now an epidemic that afflicts 17 percent of America's children...

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