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Blogosphere: Nationwide Transport Support, Density & Election Outcome, Space & City Choices, Charlotte Apt Boom, Interpreting Census

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Blogosphere: Strong Support for Transport Nationwide

T4 America

During a federal election season that saw the presidential candidates making only the barest mention of our teetering system for funding transportation infrastructure, local voters took transit funding into their own hands in more than two-dozen locales Tuesday...

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Blogosphere: Transit Efforts Boosted by Election

Minnesota Post

Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin, who's also chair of the Counties Transit Improvement Board, says Tuesday's elections will improve chances of funding for transit projects, including Southwest Light Rail...

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Blogosphere: Measure J Results Map

The Source

There are still ballots from the Measure J election remaining to be counted, but we believe the results are unlikely to change. It's always useful to know where support did and didn't come from across sprawling Los Angeles County on any kind of transportation issue..

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Blogosphere: Voters Reject Withdrawing from Agencies

DC Streetsblog

Job markets are regional. So in order to serve a metropolitan region's workers and by extension the local economy, transit must also be regional, seamlessly serving both central cities and their suburbs, whose share of employment has grown. Almost everyone recognizes that...

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Blogosphere: Limited Space Forces Cities to Choose

Urban Current

Tony Mazzella is Strategic Advisor at the City of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). Tony recently visited Munich and Zurich to study how each city has prioritized surface-running transit...

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Blogosphere: Housing/Community Dev Election Roundup


HousingWire says no big changes for housing industry, thinks administration will not actually remove FHFA acting director Ed DeMarco, as it suggested it would if the president won reelection...

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Blogosphere: How Population Density Affected Election

Per Square Mile

There are lots of reasons why the 2012 presidential election broke the way it did, but one that's not often reported-but particularly germane to Per Square Mile-is the divide between cities and the country...

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Blogosphere: How Heavily Taxes Is Your City?

Metro Trends

The U.S. city with the lowest corporate tax burden is Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to a recent study from KPMG. The most taxed city for corporations? San Francisco...

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Blogosphere: DIY Traffic Counter

The Atlantic Cities

Thanks to Nate Silver, the results of Tuesday's elections are being widely viewed as an affirmation of data wonkery, proof that non-ideological number crunching leads to solid analysis of real-time situations...

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Blogosphere: Should the DC Height Limit Change?

Greater Greater Washington

Darrell Issa and Eleanor Holmes Norton just announced that they've asked for a study on revising the Height of Buildings Act of 1910, also known as DC's height limit. Should it change? ..

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Blogosphere: TOD at 38th Means Bus Loop Out (via Sam N) 

Would it be possible to close the bus turnaround at the 38th Street Station? The clear upside is it would free up a big chunk of asphalt for development. Assembling the Metro Transit and Cardinal Bar sites with the single-family homes along 29th Avenue would create a contiguous site of at least 1.75 acres...

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Blogosphere: Apartment Boom Reshapes Charlotte

Plan Charlotte

Charlotte-Mecklenburg planners are thinking a lot about apartments these days: what should be included in their landscaping, how many should be allowed in a single complex, and what impact they're likely to have on growth...

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Blogosphere: Interpreting Decennial Census Results

Housing Perspectives

Every ten years the Decennial Census provides a definitive count of the country's population and households, a critical benchmark of decadal growth trends in these key measures...

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