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Blogosphere: Pedestrian Pete; Rebuilding Detroit, Bike Share Maps, Dulles Transit, Dog Storage, Microsoft's Relining App

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Blogosphere: 'Pedestrian Pete' Has a Bone to Pick

DC Streetsblog

Meet Pedestrian Pete, otherwise known as Houston notable Peter Brown. Brown, a former city council member and director of the urbanism group Better Houston, is conducting an ongoing video critique of this Texas city's pedestrian environment...

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Blogosphere: Can Detroit Build Way to Success?


If you look at the typical urban redevelopment efforts in any given city, they are heavy on capital expenditures. I've noticed quite a slew of articles on this of late related to Detroit: a light rail line on Woodward, a new bridge to Canada, a new transit station in suburban Troy, rebuilding and expanding I-94, $500 million in new hospital investment downtown...

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Blogosphere: Great Maps from Bike Share

Greater Greater Washington

It's been just over a week since Capital Bikeshare posted data files anonymously listing trip times and locations, and numerous people from DC to the UK have tried their hand at creating visualizations, analyses and interactive tools...

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Blogosphere: Airport Line Have to Go to the Airport?

Transport Politic

Yesterday, Robert Brown, a member of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), suggested rethinking his agency's planned Metro rail extension out to Dulles Airport, the Washington region's prime international gateway. Instead of the bringing this $2.8 billion rail link - frequently referred to as the Silver Line - directly to the airport..

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Blogosphere: Landscapes that Fool You


Landscape architects, architects, and artists have long tried to evoke emotional reactions through their creations, using landscape and building forms to create atmospheres that influence our moods...

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Blogosphere: Dulles Line Must Go to Dulles

Greater Greater Washington

It seems like a no-brainer that the long-planned Dulles Airport Metro line should include a stop at Dulles Airport, but to one key decision-maker, that remains an open question...

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Blogosphere: A Storage Locker for Dogs

Pop Up City

According to PSFK, dog theft is an increasing problem in Europe and the United States. Well, there's a solution that's perfectly in line with our 2012 trend Design for Animals... Hundehiet, which means Dog Den in Norwegian, is a storage locker designed for dogs. ..

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Blogosphere: The Catacombs of Tomlinson Hall

Urban Indy

One of my favorite parts of Indianapolis is Market Street. The east side of Market Street once hosted two really awesome buildings, the City Market building which is still there and Tomlinson Hall which was lost to fire in 1958...

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Blogosphere: NYU Expansion Threatens Green Space


There used to be direct physical and visual access to the Sasaki Garden in New York City's Washington Square Village, but New York University blocked access when it built a postal services center on LaGaurdia Place...

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Blogosphere: Redlining 2.0, Microsoft Blight App

Next American City

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed that it has patented a new app that would let pedestrians use GPS to navigate their way through a city. From the patent itself: ..

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Blogosphere: Can Water Save Milwaukee?

The Atlantic Cities

Milwaukee has faced hard times since the industries that long-defined this Midwest city - brewing, tanning and meatpacking - mostly shut down in the 1970s and 1980s. In the last few decades, the city's middle class has shrunk by more than a third...

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