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Blogosphere: Repairing NY Subways, Federal Commuter Rail Bricks, Santa Clara County BRT Plans, Absorbent City

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Blogosphere: Repairing the Subways Quickly

Second Avenue Sagas

For the past week, we've seen photo after photo of flooded tunnels, wrecked stations and eroded trainbeds. Yet, somehow, when we all leave work today, most of the city's subway lines will be running, and service will be sufficient enough to get us all home...

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Blogosphere: Community Forum for Crystal City Streetcar


Although plans for a streetcar line on Columbia Pike are making most of the headlines in Arlington, another county streetcar project is pushing forward with considerably less fanfare...

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Blogosphere: Talgo's Bad Bet, and Bricks

Systemic Failure

Back in the 1990's, Talgo made a major bet on the moribund US railcar market. It seemed like a good idea. Their trains were so far beyond Amtrak's antiquated rolling stock, that the company should have really made a killing...

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Blogosphere: Frank Lloyd Wright's Other Bay Bridge

Curbed SF

After the construction of the Bay Bridge in 1933, San Francisco began considering duplicating the bridge and running a second one further south across the bay. Frank Lloyd Wright hated the idea of a second steel design, and partnering with engineer Jaroslav J. Polivka, proposed the concrete "Butterfly Bridge"...

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Blogosphere: Moving Forward on El Camino BRT

Transforming the Bay Area

Santa Clara County cities along the 17.3 mile El Camino corridor have been evaluating Bus Rapid Transit over the last year. A few months ago the Sunnyvale City Council narrowly voted to oppose BRT with dedicated bus lanes along El Camino Real...

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Commentary: Reforming the Mortgage Tax Deduction

New York Times Opinion (via @ttpolitic)

THE tax deduction for mortgage interest may not quite be the "third rail" of politics that Social Security is, but politicians on both sides have long been afraid to touch it. So when Mitt Romney recently floated the idea of capping this deduction, Democrats pounced. ..

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Blogosphere: The Absorbent City

The Next American City

Hurricane Sandy was a disaster not only for New Yorkers' bodies and buildings. The super storm humbled the city, reminding residents and planners of the relative powerlessness of the American economic powerhouse in the face of furious wind, rain and floods...

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Blogosphere: Americans Don't Need to Move

The Atlantic Cities

There's a connection between certain places and certain jobs. Silicon Valley is to tech what New York is to finance what Detroit is to cars. Call it the Synecdoche Economy...

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Blogosphere: Vision of Paris Future in Charlotte Past

Plan Charlotte

I saw the future in Paris. It looks a lot like the past. To be specific, it looks like uptown Charlotte circa 1989, but with flashier architecture. While in the French capital earlier this year for a conference of urban planners and scholars, we toured La Défense, the huge development just west of the Seine...

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Blogosphere: Policy Ideas Next President Should Steal

Atlantic Cities

America's cities may not have been a focus of this year's presidential campaign, but the economy certainly was. And all the evidence we have is that our urban areas, where some 80 percent of us live, are the true drivers of our economy...

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Blogosphere: Cost of Running for Mayor in a US City

Atlantic Cities

The speed at which federal campaigns blow through money has become terrifying. The 2012 election will surely go down as the most expensive in history, with races for Congress and the White House sucking in $6 billion in contributions, according to the Center for Responsive Politics...

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Blogosphere: Barclays Center's Enabler, The NYT 

City Journal

In a 1,600-word article on September 29 chronicling the high-profile opening of the Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn-nearly nine years after the controversial Atlantic Yards project was announced-the New York Times focused on the concert by hip-hop star Jay-Z...

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Blogosphere: Urban Change in Iran, Myth v Reality

This Big City

Regions and countries around the world are usually associated with elements that are deeply rooted in society's psyche. Similar happens to cities where they are too associated with a single symbol, element, event or structure...

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