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Blogosphere: Sprawl Transit, Augo-Based Mobility, Transit Tax Benefit, Locating 2020 Jobs, Urban Beekeeping, World's First Sustainable City

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Blogosphere: Problem with the Northern Branch Project

Cap'n Transit

For a months now I've been telling people that the "transit" proposed for the bridge is just sprawl transit, and it's true. There wouldn't even be a stop in Nyack; if commuter rail is chosen the nearest station would be near the Palisades Mall in West Nyack..

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Blogosphere: Cox - Low Income Folks Get to Work

New Geography

One of the most frequently recurring justifications for densification policies (smart growth, growth management, livability, etc.) lies with the assumption that the automobile-based mobility system (Note 1) disadvantages lower income citizens...

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Blogosphere: Baucus Adds Transit Tax Benefit

DC Streetsblog

The Senate Finance Committee is currently marking up what lawmakers have christened the "Highway Investment, Job Creation and Economic Growth Act of 2012," the final component of the Senate's two-year transportation bill...

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Blogosphere: Urban Electric Delivery Can Save Money

Wired Autopia

New research out of MIT shows that going electric could save urban delivery fleets some serious money in the long term, as long as their trucks end up giving power back to the grid when they're not in use...

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Editorial: Get Kansas City Streetcar Costs Right

Kansas City Star

Kansas City officials want U.S. taxpayers to kick in $25 million to help build a proposed $100 million downtown streetcar line. It's a reasonable request - as long as the city responsibly makes its case for federal help...

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Blogosphere: How Transport Planning Kills Streets

Better Cities and Towns

Since the 1950s, the level of service (LOS) metrics have established an ideal condition for US thoroughfares. Think of a car commercial in northern Arizona with a road leading to the horizon with rock formations on either side (the rock formations are optional)...

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Blogosphere: Cyclists to Run Reds, Certain Conditions

The City Fix

Councilors in Paris, France approved a new rule that would allow bicyclists to run red lights. A result of a three-year campaign by cyclists' associations, the rule comes after road safety experts deemed it a good measure to cut road crashes...

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Blogosphere: Where Will Jobs Be in 2020

The Atlantic Cities

On February 1, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its employment projections through 2020. Despite President Obama's vision in his State of the Union speech of "an economy built on manufacturing,"..

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Blogosphere: Preping SF for the Next Big One

The Atlantic Cities

Earthquakes are ingrained in San Francisco culture. Two major quakes - in 1906 and 1989 - dramatically reshaped the city, and have seared the could-happen-at-any-moment possibility of another big one in the minds of many people in the city and the Bay Area region...

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Blogosphere: Power of the Post Industrial City

NRDC Switchboard

In this illuminating TED talk, Don Carter of Carnegie Mellon University places the future of Pittsburgh and other post-industrial cities in the context of global environmental trends and concerns...

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Blogosphere: An Urban Beekeeping Store

Pop Up City

Claimed to be the latest big environmental movement, urban beekeeping is hotter than hot. Perfectly in line with this trend, a true urban beekeeping store has recently opened doors in Portland, Oregon...

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Blogosphere: Masdar, World's First Sustainable City

The Urban Times

The world's first sustainable city, located in the United Arab Emirates, is set to be completed in 2020-2025. It is called Masdar, which in Arabic means 'the Source'...

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Blogosphere: Embrace Civic Engagement

Economics of Place

Not long ago, the Michigan Municipal League gathered together some of the state's most thoughtful thinkers to talk about a new transportation vision for Michigan...

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Blogosphere: A Visit to Youngstown


Hard up for a depressing, Rust Belt story? Come to Youngstown, Ohio, where the steel mills packed up and left years ago, taking much of their population and quality of life with them...

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Blogosphere: Bill Too Extreme for Some Republicans

DC Streetsblog

The House GOP's transportation bill is legislation only Big Oil can love. By eviscerating dedicated transit funds, killing programs that support safe streets, and linking transportation funding to oil drilling in the Arctic..

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Blogosphere: Impact of Razing 128 Houses

Broken Sidewalk

These days, terms like "shrinking cities" feel a lot like the "slum clearance" and "urban