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Blogosphere: Walk Appeal Standard, Paying People To Bike To Work, Reality Of Transit-Jobs Link In Utah

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Blogosphere: Walk Appeal, New Standard for Sheds

Original Green

Walk Appeal promises to be a major new tool for understanding and building walkable places, and it explains several things that were heretofore either contradictory or mysterious...

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Blogosphere: Should We Pay People to Bike to Work

Boston Magazine

This morning, it took me 40 minutes to drive 3.5 miles from my house in Jamaica Plain to my office by Symphony Hall. That's about 5 miles per hour..

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Blogosphere: World's Largest Solar Bridge

Captain Plan-It

World's largest solar bridge over the Thames River. Solarcentury installed 4,400 solar photovoltaic panels on the bridge...

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Blogosphere: Livability Meets 50s Design Standards

DC Streetsblog

Tearing down highways, as New Haven, Connecticut is planning to do to a short section of Route 34, is a rare (though increasingly sought after) outcome in American transportation policy...

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Blogosphere: Utility of Cars in Cities

Rob Pitingolo

As part of NPR's new Cities project, they recently aired a story about the "war on cars" on All Things Considered. It's kind of a stale topic in my opinion; but alas, here I am re-hashing it, so I'll admit to being complicit...

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Commentary: Brookings Misses Transit Mark

Salt Lake Tribune

A friendly reminder to the Utah Transit Authority regarding a news story that appeared in The Tribune on July 11 headlined "SLC tops nation in transit connecting people and job":..

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Blogosphere: Street Width and Building Height

Pedestrian Observations

I moved to Vancouver last weekend. The slow pace of posting will probably continue for another week, but I do have multiple posts in the pipeline. I am currently at a downtown hotel, commuting to Kitsilano to look at apartments and to UBC to deal with early paperwork...

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Blogosphere: Painting Neighborhood Vision

Rust Wire

Just a few years ago, a drive down Youngstown's Glenwood business corridor by the neighborhood area of Idora could prove highly depressing. Derelict buildings, visible gang activity, and general malaise pervaded the area...

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Blogosphere: What Vancouver Gained with Olympics

The Atlantic Cities

As billions await the London Olympics' opening ceremonies, global urbanists are already deep into the sport of navel-gazing. Has London mimicked former host Beijing, focusing on national reputation-building and expensive attention-seeking architectural icons?..

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