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Blogosphere: Young Dump Cars, Caring About Suburban Transport, Kindness Of Cities, Demand For Parks, Neighborhood Effect

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Blogosphere: PIRG - Young Americans Dump Cars

DC Streetsblog

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group has been crunching the numbers on travel preferences among young Americans - and the news is not good for auto makers...

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Blogosphere: Why I Care About Suburban Transport

Cap'n Transit

If you read my posts you'll notice that I live in the city, but I talk a lot about transit and roads in suburban counties like Rockland and Bergen. You might be wondering: why do I bother?..

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Blogosphere: First Look at Farmer's Field Traffic EIR

LA Streetsblog

Earlier today, AEG announced the completion of the first draft of environmental documents for Farmers Field, the proposed football stadium for Downtown Los Angeles...

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Blogosphere: The Kindness of Cities

The Atlantic Cities

The summer after I graduated from high school, I got my first real job, selling ice cream from a pushcart on 45th Street in Manhattan. It was a great gig. I was outdoors all day long, I was making decent money, and I was selling something that everybody loves...

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Blogosphere: Growth Creates Demand for Parks

City Parks Blog

The Brookings Institution recently released a comprehensive report on metropolitan demographic changes over the past thirty years, which highlighted the increasing concentration of the U.S. population in major metropolitan areas...

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Blogosphere: Enduring Effect of Neighborhoods

The Atlantic Cities

For a long time we've heard that globalization has weakened the bonds of community. In his book Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam mapped the traumatic decline in social capital across America...

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Blogosphere: Sustainable Town in Middle of Nowhere?

The Atlantic Cities

Its developers are holding it up as one of the greenest, most sustainable plans for a new town development, but it's also being attacked by environmental groups for its unlikely - and historically unlucky - location...

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Blogosphere: European-US Planning Processes

GMF Urban Current

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with former URP fellow Steve Wertheim (whose work has appeared on this blog here, here, and here) about some of the broader takeaways from his fellowship and their applicability to Steve's work in the Central Corridor district of San Francisco...

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Blogosphere: Tool Encourages Sustainable Buildings

This Big City

Australia, like pretty much every other country, is facing some pressing sustainability issues. As well as committing to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, energy prices in the country are on the up, with Sydney expecting prices in its central business district to be 83% higher in 2013 than they were in 2008...

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