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News: Calgary Gondolas, Fed Transpo Funding Debate, Tuscon Streetcar, Research Calif. Housing, TIFIA Loan Demand, Street Art, Rural Murder Rates

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Calgary: Urban Gondolas Cheap, Efficient

Metro News Canada

Snags in Calgary traffic flow could be solved by transporting some commuters high above the city in urban gondolas, planners heard during a presentation on Tuesday...

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National: House R's Mull Transit Funding


It's estimated the nation faces a $3 trillion backlog in unmet road and transit needs. Since the Reagan administration, public transit has been funded from the same revenue stream as roads and bridges. Now there's a movement to fund public transit with revenue sources other than the gas tax...

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Canada: Subway? Depends on the Question

Toronto Star

If only they had the facts. If only people understood that Mayor Rob Ford would need to impose new taxes or tolls to pay for a Sheppard subway extension, that light-rail vehicles are far different from streetcars, that Ford's preferred plan for Eglinton would build underground light rail and not an actual subway - then, Ford's transit opponents insist, there would be overwhelming public support for the plan council approved and Ford opposes...

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National: LaHood Defends Spending War Savings

DC Streetsblog

When Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama balked at the increase in transportation spending recommended by President Obama's 2013 budget, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood did not mince words: "America is one big pothole," he said...

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Tucson: Moving Forward with the Modern Streetcar

TRB TRID (Rail Magazine)

The Tucson modern streetcar project is a 3.9-mile fixed transit system that will connect the City of Tucson's major activity centers including the University of Arizona, the Arizona Health Sciences Center, downtown Tucson, the 4th Avenue shopping district, Main Gate Square and the Mercado district. ..

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Salt Lake City: A History of UTA's Program

TRB TRID (Rail Magazine)

The metropolitan region along Utah's Wasatch Front mountain range is dedicated to improving its transit network. This article describes how, in little more than a decade, the region has improved connectivity and spurred economic development through a dynamic and proactive approach to new routes and services, community-driven investment, and a robust set of transit options...

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Report: Demographic Changes in California Housing  


California's diverse metropolitan areas are at the center of a dialogue about the strategic and crucial role that land use and real estate investments will play in shaping the underlying sustainability of their local economies...

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National: LaHood - TIFIA Loan Demand Overwhelming

Progressive Railroading

Yesterday, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced his department received 26 letters of interest worth $13 billion in Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loans, "greatly exceeding" the dollars available in the program...

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Twin Cities: St. Paul Looking into Streetcar Expansion

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The only streetcar remaining in the Twin Cities runs around just a few city blocks near Lake Harriet, drawing mostly children seeking entertainment and tourists who want to touch history...

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Research: Evaluating Transport Impacts of TOD


A more sustainable form of development, known as transit oriented development (TOD) is presumed to offer sustainable travel choices with reduced need to travel to access daily destinations, by providing a mixture of land uses together with good quality of public transport service, infrastructure for walking and cycling...

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Phoenix: Mesa Summit to Tackle Urban Dev Near LRT

East Value Tribune

Mesa has invited 171 developers from across the West to a March summit that will focus on building urban-style projects along the future Metro light rail line in its downtown...

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Candad: Rural Murder Rates Higher Than Urban

Canadian Broadcasting Company

After the shooting of two RCMP officers on Feb. 7 near the small town of Killam, Alta., a number of local residents mused that it was the kind of incident you would expect in a big city...

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International: Is Street Art the New Voice?

Creative Boom

Expression is widely used through art and music. People seek the streets to convey the urban experiences of everyday life. Graffiti has considerably moved on from the basic letter 'graffs' into a more powerful and evocative form of expression...

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Research: International Org Roles in District Rehab

Journal of Urban Planning and Development

This study began by raising the question of whether the international organizations have effectively contributed in the revitalization of the old historic districts and whether the community participation approaches they implemented succeeded in sustaining the development...

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