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News: DC Streetcar Contract, Lake Oswego Streetcar, SunRail TOD, Demand For Multi-Destination Metros

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news. Opinion articles from appear here.

DC: City Cancels Streetcar Contract

Washington City Paper

Washington Business Journal reports that the District has canceled its $8.7 million contract for two streetcars with Oregon-based United Streetcar LLC. Apparently another bidder, the Inekon Group, asserted that the contract was improperly issued:..

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Los Angeles: Lawmakers Vote to Discard Redev Agency

Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to relinquish control of its redevelopment agency, leaving the task of shutting down hundreds of millions of dollars in activities to some other branch of government...

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Portland: Lake O Council Streetcar Support Gone

Daily Journal of Commerce

Lake Oswego City Councilor Bill Tierney announced on Tuesday that he is withdrawing support for a proposed extension of Portland's streetcar line into the city, essentially halting plans for the full project...

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Portland: Mayor Says Streetcar Suspended


The Portland to Lake Oswego streetcar project has lost political support and won't more forward, officials in both cities say. Following a surprise announcement in Lake Oswego Tuesday night that a majority of city councilors would not endorse the $458 million project, Portland Mayor Sam Adams on Wednesday conceded that the project is "suspended."..

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Orlando: Mica Launches SunRail Jobs Initiative

Orlando Business Journals

U.S. Rep. John Mica introduced a new program in the Orlando area on Jan. 11 aimed at bringing together the area's employers, developers, and educational and government entities to create jobs near the first 12 planned SunRail commuter rail stations...

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Research: Rider Demand in Multi-Destination Metros

San Jose State

This study examines the factors underlying transit demand in the multi-destination, integrated bus and rail transit network for Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta provides an opportunity to explore the consequences of a multi-destination transit network for bus patrons (largely transit-dependent riders) and rail patrons (who disproportionately illustrate choice rider characteristics)...

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Indianapolis: Unexpected Benefits of Superbowl Bid

New York Times

The Colts' uncharacteristically wretched season - the perennial N.F.L. playoff contenders finished 2-14 - has dimmed some of the luster of the first Super Bowl to be played here, on Feb. 5. But residents can take some consolation from a mini-building boom in anticipation of the big game, with its 150,000 expected visitors and worldwide television audience...

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Boston: Assembly Square Will be N'Hood for All

The Somerville News

Mayor Joseph Curtatone has devoted much of his time during his administration to the many tasks of zoning and preparing the urban wasteland Assembly Square for its makeover. Now, he says, the time has come for the vision of the 45-acre plot to become reality...

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International: More Nature for Urban Chinese Kids 

Guardian UK

We all met by the roadside before setting off for the nature camp. It was a clear, early-spring morning and several of the children played on a dusty patch of ground next to a run-down factory...

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Boise: New Apartments Downtown Fill Fast, Need

Idaho Statesman

Aidan Hill moved into her first apartment Wednesday, a sunny, small one-bedroom in a new six-unit complex at 517 N. 13th St. "It's difficult to find something that's clean, in the right location, for the right price," she said...

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National: LIDAR Usage Growing, Helping Planners

US News and World Report

Caracol, the site of an ancient Mayan city, is the largest archeological site in Belize, and has been a focus of scientific exploration for decades...

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National: Big Push for Transpo Bill Coming?

Press Enterprise

With the federal legislation that funds road, bridge and rail projects around the country set to expire in March, congressional leaders are preparing to launch an all-out push for passage of a bill to protect jobs and guide the nation's transportation policy for years...

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Oakland: Downtown Seeks Lift from Pop Up Stores

Wall Street Journal (Paywall)

Vacant storefronts have long plagued the city's downtown, but six small businesses, including a jewelry store and a bike shop, suddenly opened up last month on the Old Oakland block of 9th Street and Broadway...

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Mobile: City Master Plan to Focus on Smart Growth

Mobile Press Register

Walkability, mixed land-use and other Smart Growth principles are now officially part of Mobile's master plan, which is meant to guide development in the city...

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