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News: Detroit LRT Doubts, Canada Line Housing Demand, Prohibiting Rail Density, SF Parking Success, Austin Urban Village Vision

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Detroit: Light Rail Meets Doubt from DOT

Detroit Free Press

The U.S. Transportation Department expressed concerns about funding and costs for a 3.4-mile light-rail or streetcar line on Woodward from downtown Detroit to New Center in a blunt status report given to investors this week...

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Vancouver: Wait for Housing Strong on Canada Line

Vancouver Sun

Bob Rennie and Tracie MacTavish - respectively, principal and president of Rennie Marketing Systems - have been spending a lot of time in recent weeks focusing on how to best address the intense demand for the Marine Gateway project...

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Indianapolis: Transit More Than Wishful Thinking

Indiana Star

The fight for improved mass transit in Central Indiana is alive and well. Yes, we've seen short-term setbacks, but when you're striving for something that's going to improve so many lives for such a long time, you don't let today's hurdles block you from tomorrow's great strides...

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New York: Tappan Zee Must Be Built for Future Rail


A New York state agency unveiled its plans on Friday for a long-discussed project of a new Tappan Zee bridge over the Hudson River, saying that it should be attractively designed and strong enough to allow bus and rail services to be added later...

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Toronto: Subway Dream Possible With Tax Plan

Globe and Mail

Mayor Rob Ford is set to suffer yet another big defeat when city council holds a special meeting on transit Wednesday. Now that an advisory panel has come out for light-rail transit instead of subways in Scarborough, council seems likely to reject his all-subways-all-the-time approach...

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Maryland: Bill Could Prohibit Commuter Rail Density 

Washington Business Journal (Paywall) 

Kensington landowners who count their proximity to the town's MARC station as a selling point for greater heights and density may be out of luck...

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San Francisco: Parking Program Makes Parking Easier

New York Times

The maddening quest for street parking is not just a tribulation for drivers, but a trial for cities. As much as a third of the traffic in some areas has been attributed to drivers circling as they hunt for spaces...

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International: Trees Left in Center of Roads

Hindustan Times

Commuters in the city these days are facing problems of another kind. Due to rapid expansion of roads, one can see trees standing in the middle of some stretches, creating inconvenience and threat for unsuspecting drivers...

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Lincoln: New Cycletrack Coming to City?

Journal Star

Consultants will be in town this week to gather feedback on new ideas for improving downtown Lincoln. Among them: a lovelier P Street for walking, a trolley or street car running along P and Q streets from Antelope Valley to the West Haymarket and -- perhaps most controversially -- a two-way protected bike lane on N Street...

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International: Spain's Construction Bust Brings Gardens

Minnesota Public Radio

Spain is littered with vacant lots and half-built apartment complexes, where developers ran out of money when the construction bubble burst. But in one Madrid barrio, neighbors are putting an abandoned tract of urban space to creative use...

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Austin: The Domain Living Up to City's Urban Vision

Austin American Statesman

In March 2007, developers unveiled a first-of-its-kind shopping experience for Central Texas: a 700,000-square-foot "lifestyle" center that would lure new luxury retailers to the area and introduce the urban village concept to the region...

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North Carolina: Fort Bragg Will Spur Growth

Fayetteville Observer

You might call it Fort Bragg's final frontier. For the next decade, most of Fort Bragg's growth will be on a 600-acre bulge that juts into Fayetteville between Chicken Road on post and Cliffdale Road off post...

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Atlanta: Considering Uses for Aged Industrial Plants

Atlanta Journal Constitution

When Mary Lynne and Dan Kautz chose a place to hold their wedding reception, they didn't book a grand ballroom in some pricey hotel or a lavish suburban catering hall. Instead, they picked a crumbling, decrepit former train station in a run-down neighborhood on Buffalo's east side...

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Research: Restructuring of Beijing's Intra Urban Land

Chinese Geographical Science Journal

Urban internal structure is essential information for urban geography researchers and urban planners or managers. This research aims to examine the spatial structure changes of internal urban land use based on the interpreted datasets of 1984 and 2008...

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Research: Impact of Land Use Change on Degredation

Environmental Management Journal

In the last decades, due to climate changes, soil deterioration, and Land Use/Land Cover Changes (LULCCs), land degradation risk has become one of the most important ecological issues at the global level...

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Tampa: Tea Party Worries About Smart Growth 

Tampa Tribune

More liberty, fewer taxes and smaller government: Those are some of the better-known mantras of the conservative tea party movement. But increasingly, the right-wing patriots are warning of an international conspiracy called Agenda 21, named after a 1992 United Nations policy statement on environment and poverty. ..

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Eugene: UGB Expansion Worries Rural Residents

Eugene Register Guard

For 29 years, Ruth Gates has had the best of both worlds. Gates moved to the hilly, forested Gimpl Hill Road area southwest of Eugene in 1983 with her late husband so they could live in the country and still be close to the city...

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Salt Lake City: Residents Enjoying New Urban Vibe

Deseret News

Recent Lake Tahoe transplant Kate Barker, 24, moved to Utah to work for a software service firm. Having grown up in rural Kansas, she wanted to experience what living in a true downtown was really like...

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New York: City's Ever Changing Character

High Brown Magazine

New York City today can shock those who remember the 1970s or 80s, or even the early 2000s. Viewed as a crime-laden center, it now boasts swaths of green and corner cafés. Several decades ago, the difference between suburbs and cities was stark...

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Charlotte: Little Sugar Creek Resurrection 

Charlotte Observer

Herons once again stalk fish from the banks of Little Sugar Creek, which has emerged from decades of abuse to become Charlotte's urban wat..

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