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News: Hawaii BRT Alternative, Buses As Wannabe Trains, Beavers Vs. Human Engineers, Rio Slum's Olympic Facelift, Downtown Pop Growth

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.  The Chatter, commentary and opposition articles will be found towards the bottom.

Louisville: Does City Need More Highways?

New York Times

More and more Americans, educated 20-somethings and empty nesters among them, want to live downtown. Plenty of downtowns are coming back; many are thriving. Even so, we remain a nation in thrall to suburbs, highways, cars...

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Hawaii: Mayoral Candidate Releases BRT Alternative

Honolulu Star Advertiser

Former Gov. Ben Cayetano unveiled a transportation plan today that features new Bus Rapid Transit routes, high-tech traffic signal systems to instantly respond to traffic snarls and plans for two-lane underpasses to ease the flow of traffic on Kapiolani Boulevard and other thoroughfares...

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National: Buses Try to Act Like Trains to Get Riders

Wall Street Journal

Cleveland. City buses that carry people to and from work each day are attempting an identity change: They want to be trains...

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National: Beavers Outwit Transportation Engineers

Transportation Nation

Human engineers faced off against nature's engineers in an effort to save a scenic road in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park (GTNP)...

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Denver: Navigating Denver's Transit Without Vision

Westword (via Bill S)

Claudia Folska offers her elbow to her companion and leads him through a pedestrian tunnel that connects a noisy light-rail platform to a parking lot. The tunnel is dark and wild inside...

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Research: Construction of China's Transit Metropolis


Transit Metropolis, as a city development strategy, has become the direction of China's central cities. However, lacking implementation, domestic research on public transit in the city is mainly just beginning...

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International: Rio's Slums Getting Olympic Face Lift

National Geographic

"We are guinea pigs," declares Fabio do Amaral, a drug-gang killer turned evangelical minister. Brother Fabio preaches at a church in Santa Marta, one of Rio de Janeiro's favelas...

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International: India's Urban Revolution and Challenges

Bangkok Post

India's urban sprawl is poised to become the second largest in the world with more people living in its cities than in many countries. The number of cities with one million to four million people will increase from 48 to 68 in the next two decades...

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National: Downtowns Enjoy Robust Population Growth

USA Today

After decades of decline, America's downtowns once again are attracting new residents -- not just workers and shoppers...

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Salt Lake City: Cluster Growth to Reduce Problems

Salt Lake Tribune

With 65 percent growth expected along the Wasatch Front in the next 30 years, planners hope to reduce growing pains by encouraging new population centers that cluster homes, work, play and shopping close together around mass transit stations...

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Research: Effects of City Size, Density on Civic Duties

Journal of Urban Affairs

Recent studies in the U.S. context have suggested that political participation is a function of the size and concentration of a city's population. Most of this research focuses on the idea that there is an optimal size and concentration of population..

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