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News: Honolulu Rail Vote, Designing Subways Against Earthquakes, Parks & Parklets, Honey Bees As Security, Typogeography

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Honolulu: Former Governor Headed For Mayoral Runoff

Pacific Business News 

Former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano, who campaigned on an anti-rail platform that turned the race into a referendum on the city's $5.16 billion rail transit project, finished well ahead of two other challengers Saturday in a three-way race for Honolulu mayor but will face second-place finisher Kirk Caldwell in a runoff in the general election after falling short of the majority needed to win....

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Alabama: Southern Mayors Discuss Train Service

Mayors and other officials from Florida to Louisiana will be in Alabama this week for a conference to discuss restoring passenger train service in the region....

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Illinois: Riders To Get Taste Of HSR On Amtrak Line 

Naperville Sun 

Amtrak riders will start getting the feel of high-speed rail in the fall between Dwight and Pontiac. "That will be the first segment operating at 110 miles per hour," said Guy Tridgell, a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Transportation....

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Research: Mapping Life Expectancy Along Tube Network

Environment & Planning 

In contrast to many cities, the richest and poorest people in London live side by side. Whilst this geographic proximity creates a vibrant city and diverse urban landscape, it has done little to reduce the growing disparities in Londoners' wealth and well-being...

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Los Angeles: Designing Subways Against Earthquakes

The Source 

After a pair of 4.5 magnitude earthquakes were felt throughout the Los Angeles area earlier this week, a Source reader asked this question:  What magnitude are the tunnels or stations designed to withstand?...

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National: Public Packs Parklets Across US 

The City Fix 

As summer rages onward, celebrating the urban outdoors is now safer and more enjoyable via parklets: mini parks that extend outward from the sidewalk and into the sphere of pedestrian access. These reclamations of urban space have appeared in cities across the United States and are transforming the way people interact with streets formerly dominated by automobiles. ...

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International: The Honey Trap 

Edible Geography 

A beehive is the urban roof accessory du jour, even more popular than its eco-friendly cousins, solar panels or greenery. New York City's Waldorf Astoria hotel is only the most recent to join a trend that includes roofs from the Paris Opéra to Chicago's City Hall, as high-end chefs, locavores, and urban homesteaders alike enjoy the taste of honey made from trees and flowers in their own neighbourhood....

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Research: Impact Of Capital, Labor Mobility In China 

Urban Geography 

This paper is concerned with the spatial impacts of China's modernization, focusing on the liberation of two major factors of production: (1) the mobility of capital, both domestic and foreign, and its penetration into the Chinese mainland; and (2) the expansion of personal mobility, most obviously manifested in a massive rural to urban population transfer during the past two decades....

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Research: Regional Governance In Russia 

Urban Geography 

This study examines the general context of the urban and regional policy-making environment in Russia by analyzing responses to a 1997 survey of local government officials. The survey posed questions such as: "What do local and regional government actors believe are their most critical problems and policy priorities?", "How do they choose their policy priorities?", and "How does urban and regional governance occur in this unstable environment?"...

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Research: The Value Of 'Third Places' In Britain 

Journal Of Housing & The Built Environment 

This paper explores social interaction in local 'public' social spaces such as local shops, pubs, cafés, and community centres in deprived neighbourhoods. More specifically, it examines the importance, role and function of these places, which have been described ... as being "third places" of social interaction after the home (first) and workplace (second)....

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Europe: A Typogeography Of Europe  

Big Think 

There are many ways to look at Europe other than as a collection of nation-states. Plenty of other imagined communities lurk beneath the surface of the standard political map. Check out the continent's alcohol belts [1], have a look at its core and periphery [2], or inspect the languages in which Europeans tweet [3]....

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