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News: LaHood On CAHSR, Midsize Cities Transit Report, LA Needs LRT To LAX, Obama Pushes HSR, Detroit As Hybrid Metropolis

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: LaHood Defends California HSR

The Hill

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood took a break from celebrating his birthday Thursday to press lawmakers to release funding for the centerpiece of President Obama's high-speed rail plans...

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International: London Transport Plan Not Reality Based

Guardian UK

My instant response to Transport for London's new draft ten-year business plan (pdf) was to play "five gears in reverse." That was fun, but it isn't quite as straightbackwards as that...

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National: Midsize Cities Look to BRT


Public transportation systems have historically shaped the structure of cities. The largest metropolitan areas typically have extensive mass transit systems providing mobility for commuters, residents and visitors while providing a backbone for the local economy...

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California: Mica - Build LRT to LAX or Else

Southern California Public Radio

Angelenos aren't the only ones griping about how difficult it is to get to and from L.A. International Airport on public transportation...

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National: Obama Pushes Forward with HSR

Washington Post

Undaunted by the looming fiscal crisis, the Obama administration said Thursday that it plans to forge ahead with its signature transportation project, investing billions of dollars in a long-term effort to build a high-speed rail network...

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Salt Lake City: Frontrunner South is a Model

Salt Lake Tribune

As the FrontRunner South commuter rail line begins operations next week, we congratulate Utah leaders and taxpayers for having the vision to conceive, plan and deliver this large, complex and important mobility project, accomplished under budget and far ahead of schedule...

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Research: Post Industrial Imagination, Detroit

Intl Journal of Urban and Regional Research(Abstract)

With plans underway for large-scale urban agriculture and a proliferation of representations made of the city's vacant lots, Detroit, Michigan is increasingly understood as a particularly hybrid metropolis that complicates conceptual divisions between city and nature...

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Charlotte: Light Rail Attracting Apartment Building Boom

Charlotte Observer

Apartments are sprouting at a rapid clip along Charlotte's Lynx Blue Line in South End, as developers look to cash in on a booming rental market and cater to young professionals who want to live near uptown...

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National: Fresh and Easy Could Close Stores

San Francisco Examiner

Five years after making an ambitious push into the U.S. grocery market, the future of Fresh & Easy is unclear - and that's not good news for the communities it serves in San Francisco...

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California: CEQA Overhaul Looming

Sacramento Bee

It's been 42 years since then-Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the landmark California Environmental Quality Act, an early victory for the nascent environmental protection movement that has since become a very powerful force in state and national politics...

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National: The Value of Mortgage Deductions

USA Today (via @hayaelna)

Designed to boost homeownership, the mortgage interest deduction is one of the most popular provisions of the tax code. But Internal Revenue Service data show that only a quarter of tax filers claim it...

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National: CDBG Cuts Hurting Communities


Officials in Erie County, N.Y., were forced to cut the days it runs a free transportation program in poor and rural communities, leaving countless elderly and disabled residents stranded...

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International: China Will Flatten Mountains to Build City

Business Insider

A long, long time ago, a 90-year-old Chinese peasant named Yu Gong decided to move two inconveniently located mountains away from the entrance to his home. Legend has it he struggled terribly, but ultimately succeeded. Hence the Chinese idiom "Yu Gong moves the mountains." When there's a will, there's a way...

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Charlotte: Slower Growth Expected for North Corridor

Charlotte Observer

Is the rapid apartment development in South End a preview of what's to come when the light rail extends to UNC Charlotte? Not necessarily, experts say...

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