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News: NY MTA Financing, San Diego BRT Debate, Colorado Fastracks Audit, Dense California Cities, Climate Change & Poor Countries

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

New York: MTA Financing Shored Up

New York Times

New York State lawmakers and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo have reached an agreement to finance the remaining three years of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's five-year capital plan, preserving some of the region's largest transportation projects, transportation officials said Monday. ..

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National: Dems Trip Up GOP on Extension

Transportation Nation

For the second straight day, House Democrats have foiled an attempt by Republicans to pass a temporary Highway Bill extension designed to avoid a suspension of the gas tax and a shutdown of highway programs March 31...

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San Diego: Rapid Bus Running into Opposition

San Diego Union Tribune

A plan to run a new form of rapid transit - touted as a trolley on wheels - along Broadway in downtown San Diego by 2014 has ignited a debate about the future of the busy central corridor...

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Denver: Colorado Lawmaker to Urge Fastracks Audit

Denver Post

A Colorado lawmaker says he will ask for an audit of the Regional Transportation District's FasTracks program today, citing faulty planning for the Northwest Rail project...

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Denver: Hybrid Plan Gets RTD Approval for Northeast

Denver Post

The Regional Transportation District board on Tuesday unanimously approved a plan to build a hybrid transportation system - part commuter rail and part bus lines - to the northwest corridor from Denver to Longmont instead of the full rail system voters were promised in 2004...

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Fort Worth: TEX Rail Gets into FTA Pipeline

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Supporters of a proposed commuter rail line from southwest Fort Worth to Grapevine and Dallas Fort Worth Airport say the project is a huge step closer to reality after a federal agency gave its blessing for preliminary engineering and design to begin...

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National: House Delays 60 Day Extension

DC Streetsblog

It's like Congressional Whack-a-Mole: Transportation bills pop up just long enough to offer a fleeting glimpse before they retract back into oblivion. Yesterday's vote on a 90-day extension of federal transportation funding was pulled at the last second, then replaced by a vote today on a 60-day extension. ..

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National: Boxer Says House Coming Around

DC Streetsblog

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that Republicans in the House were "coming to our point of view" on the idea of passing the transportation bill that was passed by the Senate...

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Charlotte: Lynx Extension at $1.6B

Charlotte Observer

A 9.4-mile light-rail extension should open for service by March 2017, and the Charlotte Area Transit System said Monday it has a firm price for the project: $1.16 billion...

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International: Inquiry to Look at Rail Corridors

Sydney Morning Herald

THE state government should consider creating a special authority to facilitate redevelopment around Sydney's train stations and railway lines for things such as new apartments and shopping centres, says the state's top transport official...

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Orlando: Next Bubble Could Be Apartment Complexes

Orlando Sentinel

The comment that drew the most attention at a recent meeting of developers at Leu Gardens in Orlando was: "We always overbuild something. This time will probably be multifamily."..

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California: Cali Cities Most Densely Populated

San Francisco Chronicle

California is home to the rugged Sierra Nevada, bucolic vineyards, wave-stroked beaches - and the most densely urbanized areas in the nation...

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Research: Fiscal Policies and Non Metro Performance

Papers in Regional Science

Faced with declining economic bases, many non-metropolitan areas find themselves balancing the need to be cost-competitive in terms of lower taxes against the need for provision of valued government services...

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International: Cities Key to Coping With Population

International Business Times

Cities are expected to expand the combined size of Texas, California and Montana in the next 20 years, adding environmental and cultural strains from population growth and shifts away from rural living, experts said Tuesday at a conference in London called "Planet Under Pressure."..

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International: Climate Change Threatens Poor Cities

Reuters Foundation

India, like other Asian countries, has focused its climate change adaptation strategies on rural and urban areas while neglecting the urban fringes, say experts...

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Salt Lake: How to Handle 67% Population Growth

Salt Lake Tribune

The Wasatch Front is expected to grow by 1.4 million people over the next 30 years. So hundreds of officials from governments, businesses, universities and nonprofit groups gathered Tuesday to further implement plans on how to handle that growth while maintaining a high quality of life...

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International: Long and Winding Road to Planning

Guardian UK

The final redraft of last year's cowboy raid by lobbyists on English town and country planning suggests that the Tories have narrowly rescued themselves from becoming not so much the nasty party as the ugly one...

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