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News: Transpo Funding Conference, Baton Rouge Transit Tax, Rio Grande Valley Rail, Detroit LRT Funders

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: Maybe the System is Working!

Transportation Nation Experts Blog

Everybody take a deep breath. Congress is poised this week to appoint conferees to a long-awaited conference committee that will negotiate a highway bill. Finally. I know that President Obama has dangled a veto threat over the House version, and I know that Republicans are determined to link the politically volatile Keystone XL pipeline to a bipartisan infrastructure bill...

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Research: How to Structure Learning Between Cities

Environment and Planning Journal

The internationalization of policy regimes and the reorganization of the state have provided new opportunities for cities to bypass nation-state structures and work with other cities internationally. This provides greater opportunity for cities to learn from each other and could be an important stimulus to the transfer of policies across the globe...

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Seattle: Metro Bus Riders In for Changes

Seattle Times

King County Metro Transit is preparing for what it calls the biggest package of route changes in the agency's history, cutting thousands of service hours from outlying Seattle neighborhoods so more buses run on busier corridors...

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Baton Rouge: City Passes Sales Tax for Transit

Times Picayune

The Canada Line is proving to be a boon to Richmond, with a $4-billion-dollar development bonanza riding the rapid transit corridor through its city centre...

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Brownsville: Valley Railway Plan Gains Traction

Brownsville Herald

Planning for a Rio Grande Valley commuter rail system took a step forward this past week as Mercedes became the first city to officially throw its support behind the project...

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Detroit: Woodward Group Wants to Pay Operating Costs

Detroit Free Press

The private-sector group that wants to build a 3-mile light rail line on Woodward Avenue from downtown Detroit to the New Center said today it has raised all of the money it will need to build the line - and is pledging to fund the operations of the system privately for the first 10 years after it's built...

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Bay Area: BART Recommends Bombardier for New Cars

The Bay Citizen

BART staff on Monday recommended that the transit agency award a $2.5 billion contract for its new fleet of cars to a Canadian company, Bombardier, Inc. The firm has come under scrutiny in recent months for installing faulty parts in Chicago subway cars and for not agreeing to build a larger portion of each BART car in the United States...

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International: The Trouble with the Delhi Metro

Wall Street Journal

I have been car-free, by choice, since I moved to the Delhi suburb of Gurgaon a few months ago. I wanted an apartment near a Metro station, as I was certain the excellent new system would take me wherever I needed to go...

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Texas: LIHTC Units Built in Poor Neighborhoods

New York Times

Plans to build a low-income apartment complex for seniors in one of San Antonio's most fashionable neighborhoods had been posted for barely a week in January when the fury began...

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National: Behind Chinese City's Growth, Heavy Debt

Wall Street Journal

The Chinese city of Chongqing accumulated tens of billions of dollars in liabilities during Bo Xilai's term as local Communist Party chief, as it juiced growth that helped launch the former high-flyer's campaign for a top political post...

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New York: The City's Restaurant Regulars

Wall Street Journal

If it's after midnight on just about any night, Bruce Davis will be perched in the spot at the same brasserie-and probably drinking the same drink. Mr. Davis is one of New York City's foremost regulars, with an extraordinary commitment to an otherwise ordinary restaurant...

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Sacramento: Still Liking Railyard Future w/o Kings

Sacramento Bee

Even as Mayor Kevin Johnson worked late last week to revive an arena deal in the downtown railyard, city officials said they would push forward with development of the property regardless of the outcome...

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Newark: City Setting Aside Housing for Teachers

Education Week (Paywall)

They are two of the most persistent challenges in trying to rebuild long-struggling cities like Newark: improving the schools and growing a middle class. Here, officials are hoping that a novel concept-reserving sleek new apartments designed by a world-famous architect for teachers-can help on both fronts. ..

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