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Blogosphere: Overinvesting In Underused Roads, Need For BRT In Chicago, Insourcing Jobs, 'Planners' Reality Show, Middle Class Manhattan

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Blogosphere: Wisco Over Invests In Underused Roads

DC Streetsblog

Scott Walker, maybe we would respect your decision to pull the plug on high-speed rail in your state a little more if you weren't such a hypocrite about transportation spending...

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Blogosphere: Article Highlights Need for BRT Option

Chicago Streetsblog

It looks like some reporters are having trouble wrapping their heads around the city's forward-thinking proposal to build Bus Rapid Transit on Western and/or Ashland...

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Blogosphere: Meet the $4.7B Crony Built Highway

DC Streetsblog

It is really a testament to how dominant the highway industrial complex has become that we even have to talk about Birmingham's Northern Beltline, a $4.7 billion outerbelt first proposed in the 1960s...

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Blogosphere: A Transit Manager on Driverless Cars

Human Transit

About three months ago I read one of Jarrett's posts that provided a good explanation as to why self-driving cars will not become the transportation utopia that its promoters envision...

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Blogosphere: An Aerial Tour from the Burj Khalifa

Architects Newspaper

Scrap your afternoon plans and take an amazing aerial tour of Dubai, instead. Photographer Gerald Donovan has created an interactive panorama of the city as seen from the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa for the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award...

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Blogosphere: Will Insourcing Give the US Jobs It Needs?

Next American City

Whether you call it onshoring or insourcing, the idea of bringing manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil from overseas has become a political force to reckon with. Much of last year's presidential campaign was dedicated to each candidate arguing over competition with China...

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Blogosphere: Secret Recipe for Urban Development?


Doesn't sound like it. Both developed and developing world cities are still struggling to get urban development right, said some of the world's leading urban experts at the Transforming Transportation conference organized by the World Bank Group and the EMBARQ program of the World Resources Institute (WRI)...

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Blogosphere: A Map of Scotland's Deprivation


About this time last year, I created a "Map of the Geodemographics of Great Britain" which included the Output Area classifications (OAC) for GB, based on the 2001 Census, and also included the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) for England, published in 2010...

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Blogosphere: The Next Reality TV Stars "Planners"


A new documentary series on the BBC captures the scintillating stories of the planning world by following the work of Council Planning Officers across the UK. Meet "The Planners."..

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Blogosphere: What is Middle Class Manhattan

Alex Block

Breaking news! Last week, the New York Times reported that it is expensive to live in Manhattan. The Times frames the question through the lens of the middle class, asking what the definition means in the context of they city's densest borough...

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