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Blogosphere: Phoenix LRT Development, MO Transpo Sales Tax, Preparing For Streetcars, Saluting LA Transpo Future, Marin to SF Rail

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Blogosphere: Seeking to Cultivate Change on LRT Lines

Global Site Plans

An ambitious project spearheaded by the City of Phoenix, Arizona State University (ASU), and St. Luke's Health Initiative called Reinvent Phoenix aims to change the way Phoenix's light rail is developed around neighborhoods...

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Blogosphere: MO Senate Moves Cent Sales Tax Forward

Citizens for Modern Transit

Missouri senators endorsed a proposed one-cent sales tax increase that could raise nearly $8 billion over a decade for transportation projects...

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Blogosphere: Lawmakers Fret About Impact of Cuts

DC Streetsblog

"In 2014, federal investment in surface transportation - which is currently about $50 billion per year - will drop to $6 billion or $7 billion. In one year."..

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Blogosphere: Strtcrs Should Accompany Other Change

Urban Current

As they typically only cover a few miles of track, the streetcar is no panacea for most of the serious transportation issues in many of America's urban cores...

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Blogosphere: MPO Fails to Understand HOV Purpose

Walking Bostonian

The Boston MPO recently released a memo titled Screening Regional Express Highways for Possible Preferential Lane Implementation...

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Commentary: 10 Reasons to Salute LA Transpo Future

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles is often criticized for being a transportation nightmare, but there are many reasons to be optimistic. ..

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Blogosphere: SMART to SF Would be Expensive

Vibrant Bay Area

Building a rail line to San Francisco is the Holy Grail for many in Marin's commuting public...

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Blogosphere: Technological Fetishism and BRT

Getting from Here to There

Bus Rapid Transit is great, and I largely support BRT efforts around the globe. But as Columbia University Urban Planning PhD candidate (and my co-author on other work) Eric Goldwyn argues at The Atlantic Cities, BRT is subject to technological fetishism just like other transport modes...

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Blogosphere: Chi, Hou, Philly Win Mayors Challenge

C40 Blog

This week, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the winners of the Mayors Challenge, a contest launched last June to award $9 million to five US cities that come up with innovative ideas for solving major problems and improving quality of life...

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Blogosphere: Smart Land Use Program Everyone Loves

DC Streetsblog

The Linen Building in Boise, Idaho, is the kind of local success story that makes the EPA's Brownfields program so popular...

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Blogosphere: Euro Cities Could Fall Behind on Dev

Property Wire

Europe's cities risk falling behind in the levels of high quality investment in urban development compared with North American and Asian regions, it is claimed...

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Blogosphere: Housing Crisis Metros Growing Again

Atlantic Cities

Population growth in markets "clobbered" by the housing crisis - like Phoenix, Orlando, and Las Vegas - is speeding up but is well below the hyper-growth of the bubble years..

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Blogosphere: Defining Sustainability in Santa Monica

LA Streetsblog

One of the ways I'm often reminded I'm really a Santa Monican first, Angeleno second, is when I see Styrofoam as a food container...

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Blogosphere: Balancing Preservation w Growth

Smart Growth Around America

Franklin, TN's historic Main Street is more than a pretty place. It exemplifies Franklin's historic heritage and has become the heart of the city's new economy...

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Blogosphere: Cemetery Copes with Newcomers, Living

Next City

"It's funny how life is shared from behind tombstones," says a voice. It's a startling introduction, especially coming from behind me in a desolate cemetery...

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