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News: Ice Fog Danger, Road & Transit Tax Hikes, New Orleans Transit & Redevelopment, Church Vs. Rail Line, Urban Immobility & Identity

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.  The Chatter, commentary and opposition articles will be found towards the bottom.

Salt Lake City: Particulate Laced Ice Fog A Danger 


Michelle Francis keeps one eye on Utah's air quality index and the other on her 9-year-old daughter's chronic asthma these days...

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National: Metro's Expansion Plans Include New Tunnels

Transportation Nation

Metro transit agency officials are proposing new tunnels to help the system keep up with growing demand. The tunnels are included in a 49-page strategic plan (pdf) presented Thursday to the transit agency's board of directors...

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National: Tax Hikes Eyed for Roads, Transit

USA Today

States are scrambling to find taxes to pay for highway repairs and their public transit systems, including payroll and sales taxes, and raising taxes paid by gasoline stations...

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New Orleans: St. Claude Transit Key to Redevelopment

Times Picayune

Sitting in the living room of his Bywater home, real estate developer Pres Kabacoff, president of Historic Restoration Incorporated, or HRI, says that in the near future he expects a streetcar to once again have a role in defining the character of the St. Claude corridor...

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International: Will Cameron and Clegg Get England Biking

Guardian UK

As inquiries go, this one was more a meeting of minds than a clash of ideas. Witness after witness made points that were, if not identical, then at least angling towards the same goal. The hugely courteous panel of inquisitors gave every indication they thought the same...

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St. Paul: Downtown to Airport BRT Line Gets a Push

Pioneer Press

The St. Paul City Council is asking Ramsey County to take a second look at the long-stalled "Riverview Corridor," a possible transit corridor down West Seventh Street or another route north of the Mississippi River...

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Orlando: Local Morman Church Could Block Transit Link

Orlando Sentinel

The Mormon church could stymie efforts to build a $1.5 billion train between South Florida and Orlando International Airport by not allowing tracks on land it once owned...

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International: Chennai Could See No Vehicle Zones

The Hindu

In a welcome move for pedestrians, chock-a-block city spaces may soon be turned into no-vehicle zones. No vehicle zones and pedestrian safe zones in the city may soon become a reality...

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Indianapolis: Senate Leader Warming Up to Transit

Indianapolis Star

Plans to upgrade mass transit in Central Indiana have stalled in the state legislature for years, but now the way ahead seems clearer than ever...

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International: Favela Transformed to Prime Real Estate

Guardian UK

From high on the steep slopes of Vidigal, the panorama across Atlantic beaches and distant islands is among the most spectacular in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But tourists are unlikely to find it listed in most guidebooks...

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Research: Young People's Urban Immobility, Identity

Urban Studies Journal (Abstract)

There is a mobility turn in the social sciences affecting how we scrutinise, research and represent the city. In recent scholarship on mobilities, global human mobilities have been identified as predominant...

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International: What Makes UNESCO World Heritage Site?

CNN Travel

Recent revelations that Hong Kong officials favored a rebuilt nunnery over the city's famous Victoria Harbour for UNESCO World Heritage nomination have sparked indignation among heritage conservation experts...

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Miami: Transit Hub to Revitalize Liberty City

Miami Herald

Rocked by scandal and delayed for more than a decade, the construction of a long-sought Liberty City transit hub that will also offer shopping and affordable housing is finally underway...

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