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News: Shanghai BRT Plan, NY Grand Central Keeps Growning, Building Type & Density Debate, TOD Increases Home Values

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news. 

International: Cleaning Lady Steals, Crashes Train

NBC News

A cleaning lady allegedly stole a Swedish train and drove it off the end of the tracks and smashed into a house outside Stockholm on Tuesday...

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International: Shanghai Unveils BRT Plan

China Daily

Shanghai will build its first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, a fast bus service with its own dedicated lanes, as part of the government's plan to ease congestion in suburban areas...

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Virginia: Last Forest Fights Suburban Highway

Transportation Nation

A coalition of homeowners groups is ready to celebrate a victory in defeating a proposal to build a highway through the last sliver of nature still standing in the concrete jungle of Tysons Corner, Virginia...

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National: New Award Programs for Amtrak Riders

New York Times

If hopping the Acela Express is just as routine as taking the subway to work, Amtrak has created an awards program just for you...

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New York: Grand Central Keeps Getting Better

Railway Age

Grand Central Terminal is 100 years old this year, in case you've somehow missed the cacophony of ongoing reminders from even the general media, not just railroad print and digital voices (including Railway Age, of course)...

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Bay Area: San Carlos Meeting on Transit Village

San Francisco Business Times

The San Carlos City Council on Monday continued to look into the environmental impacts of the proposed Transit Village development along El Camino Real, the Daily News reports...

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International: Debating Building Types and Density

Economist (via Faith C)

ROBERT DALZIEL, a London-based architect, has always considered contemporary housing in Britain to be deficient. After years spent researching urban housing around the world with Sheila Qureshi-Cortale, a fellow architect, the pair collected their findings in a book...

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National: Toll Brothers Goes Condo

Wall Street Journal

Toll Brothers Inc., which made its name building sprawling suburban homes in affluent communities, also wants to be known as a major player in the nation's luxury condominium market...

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Baltimore: County Hopes to Make Towson a Destination

Baltimore Sun

Officials announced on Tuesday a trio of new restaurants and a VIP section for the 15-screen movie theater planned for the Towson Square project - an $85 million development seen as a key element in attracting more shoppers and visitors to the county seat...

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New York: East Side Access Seen Boosting Home Values

Railway Age

A report released Monday says home values in parts of Long Island-a region which has suffered, sometimes dramatically, since the Great Recession-will be greatly aided by MTA Long Island Rail Road's East Side Access (ESA) project, projected now to open in 2019...

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