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Other Views: Ethnic Diversity & Econ Dev., Housing Ownership Demand, ABAG's Social Engineers


Why Do We Match Ethnic Diversity with Economic Development? 

Pacific Standard Magazine


Ethnic and racial diversity locked up in poor neighborhoods on Chicago's South Side does little good for the regional economy. So why do many blindly associate ethnic diversity with economic development?

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Housing Surge Proves Definitively That People Want to Own 

New Geography, Joel Kotkin


Ever since the housing bubble burst in 2007, retro-urbanists, such as Richard Florida, have taken aim at homeownership itself, and its "long-privileged place" at the center of the U.S. economy. If anything, he suggested, the government would be better off encouraging "renting, not buying."

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Opposition Sees ABAG, MTC as Social Engineers 



Our two social engineers hatch Plan Bay Area to save the region. This actual plan is scheduled to be adopted this summer - spread the word so that more people understand the social engineering planned for the Bay Area

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