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Other Views: SF Transit History Website, Addictive New Geography Game, Punitive Gas Tax Alternatives


Website Shows San Francisco Transit History 

Huffington Post


In the nearly century and a half since San Francisco's first cable car completed its inaugural run down Clay Street, the city's public transit system has become as embedded in San Francisco's very fabric as sourdough bread, the Golden Gate Bridge or the omnipresent blanket of fog.


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GeoGuessr, The Addictive New Geography Game 

The Atlantic Cities


A few months ago, we spent a long time playing the devastatingly difficult city-guessing game Pursued, which puts you in a random city and asks you to name it.


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Gas Tax Alternatives Too Punitive 

USA Today


When it comes to building and repairing roads, states are going nowhere fast. Starved of revenue, they have been underfunding construction and maintenance by as much as $185 billion per year, according to the National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission.


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