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The Direct Transfer Of All The News

You might have noticed we’ve changed things up a bit here in the last few months. With the introduction of, we’ve been a bit duplicative in our posting of the Other Side of the Tracks newsletter here and at Starting Monday, June 24, we will cease posting content from the daily Other Side of the Tracks email newsletter here.

This will have no effect on the daily Other Side of the Tracks newsletter. (If you want to subscribe, follow the instructions here.)  If you have been subscribing to our RSS feeds for this content, you can switch to the  RSS point of access here.

The initial reason for posting the email newsletter content here was to create an archive. The existing Other Side of the Tracks archive will remain available here.  Today, and into the future, a complete archive, including articles not included in the Other Side of the Tracks email newsletter and research papers, is available at

This change will free up time for us to bring you more information about the academic research. We'll be posting updates of what is going on in the field in our Half Mile Circles blog, making our best practices database even more comprehensive.

We hope this benefits folks and look forward to bringing everyone more information than we had before.

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