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Transport: Charlotte Mayor Named DOT Secretary, Inianapolis Transit Expansion Paused, Denver To Golden Line Opens, Travel Time Perception Errors


Foxx Named Transportation Secretary 

Washington Post


President Obama plans to nominate Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to serve as transportation secretary, a White House official said Sunday.

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Charlotte's Foxx Named New Transportation Secretary 

Charlotte Observer


President Barack Obama will tap Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as the new secretary of transportation on Monday, a White House official said Sunday, speaking anonymously because the announcement is not yet official.

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Mass Transit Expansion Paused in Indianapolis 

Indianapolis Star


The plan to expand mass transit in central Indiana will have to wait another year.

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Boise Council Asked to Fund New Circulator Study 

Boise Weekly


When the Boise City Council meets this coming Tuesday, April 30, it'll be asked to consider a series of changes to the current fiscal year 2013 city budget, including $437,500 to fund an analysis of a possible downtown Boise circulator system.

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Administration Pushes for More National Rail Program Funding 

Transport Politic


The Obama Administration hopes to invest almost $40 billion in new and improved passenger rail infrastructure over the next five years. Good luck getting that through Congress.

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Thousands Rode New West Line in Denver 

The Denver Channel


Transportation officials said tens of thousands of passengers rode the new light rail line from Denver to Golden Saturday.

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Video: Pulse of the London Transit System


The work of UCL CASA's Jon Reades above depicts the London Underground network as a set of arteries that thicken as passenger volumes passing through the network increase then decrease before, during and after rush-hour.

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Causes of Travel Time Perception Errors 



Congratulations to soon to be Dr. Carlos Carrion (shown in the center of the picture, between alums Nebiyou Tilahun and Pavithra Parthasarthi), who recently defended his Ph.D. Thesis "Travel Time Perception Errors: Causes and Consequences" (a draft of which is linked).

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Indy Go's Frequent Transit Maps 

Urban Indy


As one of the premiere transit blogs, Human Transit has been beating the drum of frequency maps for transit.

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New Political PAC for Better Streets in NYC 

The Atlantic Cities


A group of advocates for safer streets in New York is looking to put financial and electoral muscle behind their efforts, forming a political action committee called StreetsPAC.

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