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Transport: Dumb Infrastructure Decisions, Lima's Insane Bus System, Transportation Alternatives Critics, Federal Transit Parity Act


The Politics of Dumb Infrastructure Decisions 

Minneapolis Star Tribune


We have a political situation in the United States where Democrats are too eager to build anything if it creates a job and the Republicans are too willing to call a project a boondoggle without first investigating its merit.

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Wizards Behind Lima's Totally Insane Bus System 

Next City


It's fall in Lima and unusually warm when a beat-up white bus with red and orange stripes pulls up to a street corner at a busy intersection and allows passengers to scramble on board.

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Tacoma Transit Service Levels Go Back to 1980 

Tacoma Tomorrow


Monday evening, the Pierce Transit Board approved staff recommended cuts to bus service for implementation on September 29th.

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Who Are the Critics of Transportation Alternatives 

Pedestrian Observations


Streetsblog has traditionally lashed at multiple factions that oppose bicycle and transit infrastructure, but reserved the harshest criticism for entrenched community groups and NIMBYs, and their representatives including most of the high-profile Democratic mayoral candidates in New York.

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Google Buys Wayfinding App Waze 

ZD Net


Google has bought mapping start-up Waze, saying that it plans to use the company's technology to add new traffic update features to Google Maps.

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Failure to Tap Out Skews Salt Lake Ridership Data 

The Transit Wire


About 23% of Utah Transit Authority passengers don't "tap off" when they alight from a vehicle, and the missing trip destination information makes it difficult for planners to adjust services to meet demand.

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Four Congressman Unveil Transit Parity Act 

Progressive Railroading


Four congressmen have introduced the Transit Parity Act, a bipartisan bill that would maintain tax credit parity for motorists and public transportation riders.

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Demand for TIGER Grants Still High 

DOT Fastlane Blog


The applications for TIGER 2013 are in, and the conclusion is clear: America's communities want to make their transportation infrastructure safer and more effective, and they need Federal support to do it.

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Can Phoenix Reimagine Itself as Transit City? 

DC Streetsblog


Perhaps no other city in the country has the reputation for sprawl that Phoenix does, and it is well deserved. This is a city built around the car - until 2008, sprawling suburban housing in Maricopa County was the driving force of the regional economy.

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San Francisco Eyes Congestion Pricing 

Transportation Nation


Rush-hour traffic in downtown San Francisco is projected to get worse in the coming decade - prompting officials to rethink car access to the urban core.

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