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Transport: Freight & Urban Mobility Plans, Foxx Confirmation, Bike Share & Driving Reduction, Event Ticket Transit Funding


Why Do We Not Integrate Freight Planning? 

The Atlantic Cities


In the grand scheme of urban mobility, it's easy to lose track of commercial freight movement. Commuters are the primary source of traffic coming into and out of the city, and parking causes much of the street-to-street congestion within it.


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Boston Green Line Extension Submits New Starts Application 

Boston Globe


The Green Line Extension project is edging toward two key milestones in its long term development: Selecting a contract manager and general contractor, and submitting an application for over $500 million in federal funding, officials said Wednesday.


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Foxx Rides Smoothly Through Hearings 

The Hill


President Obama's Transportation Secretary nominee Anthony Foxx (D) steered his way through his first confirmation hearing on Wednesday without facing any major objections.


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4.4 Million Miles Reduced by Bike Share 

DC Streetsblog


We've noted before that it can be challenging to figure out exactly how much driving is avoided when someone rides a bike.


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SF Considers Event Ticket Fees to Fund Transit 

SF Streetsblog


Transporting folks to and from a new Warriors arena, condo, and hotel development planned for Piers 30-32 along the Embarcadero will require smart planning and the money to fund improvements for transit, walking, and biking to avoid clogging the waterfront with cars.


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Text of Foxx's Statement at Confirmation Hearing 

Transportation Issues Daily


Here is the text of Anthony Foxx's prepared introductory statement at his confirmation hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday.


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Commuter Train Design Hailed as Saving Lives 



The Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd (7012). railcars credited with saving lives during a derailment in Connecticut May 17 had crush-resistant frames developed after a 1987 accident in which cars caved in, trapping people who otherwise might have lived.


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How to Increase Bicycling for Daily Travel 

Active Living Research, Deborah Lou


Only 1% of all daily trips in the United States are made by bicycle, including fewer than 1% of trips to school by children younger than age 16. However many more trips could be made by bicycle, as 40% of trips made in the United States are shorter than two miles.


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Sugar House Streetcar Route Still Causing Consternation 

Salt Lake Tribune


Was the Sugar House Streetcar alignment along 1100 East a fait accompli or the result of research and discourse?


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Rethinking the Slow Expansion of Transit 

Remapping Debate


Visitors to the United States are often shocked by the paucity of robust public transportation systems in most of its cities.


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