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Transport: Indiana Mass Transit Bill, Transport Petroleum Use Decline, Salt Lake Street Route Dispute, How US Tax Code Favors Autos


State Sen. Drops Out as Sponsor of Mass Transit Bill 

Indianapolis Business Journal, via: @curtailes


Already skeptical of a mass-transit plan for the Indianapolis metro area, influential Sen. Luke Kenley has dropped his sponsorship of a related bill that's due for its first Senate hearing Wednesday.


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Potential for Deep Cuts in Petroleum Use for Transport 

Science Daily


The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) today announced the release of the Transportation Energy Futures (TEF) study, an assessment of avenues to reach deep cuts in petroleum use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector.


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Salt Lake Council at Odds Over Streetcar Routes 

Salt Lake Tribune


There is a train wreck - make that a streetcar wreck - shaping up at Salt Lake City Hall. Where will the Sugar House Streetcar line end?


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Blumenauer Doesn't Want to Be Transpo Secretary 

The Hill


Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) shot down rumors that he could be President Obama's choice to replace Ray LaHood as secretary of Transportation.


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How US Tax Code Favors Autos 

DC Streetsblog


If you get to work by transit or bike, you're saving a lot of money on gas, but come tax season, Uncle Sam probably won't be as generous to you as he'll be to car commuters.


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Streetcar Expansion Planning in Atlanta 

Creative Loafing Atlanta


Despite the failure of last summer's transportation tax vote, the city is taking steps to expand Atlanta's streetcar network that could connect more than just tourists, students, residents, and workers


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CPUC Meddling Shutdown Sprinter Line 

Systemic Failure


More information has come to light regarding the Sprinter shutdown. It confirms suspicions that the shutdown was the direct result of CPUC meddling in the design of the braking system:


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DIY Urban Transportation Planning Tools


For anyone trying to advocate for better bike lanes or other improvements to city streets, there's a critical tool in getting changes made: better data.


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An Extension of Portland Commuter Rail? 

Statesman Journal


The state already is studying an extension to Salem of the Beaverton-Wilsonville commuter-rail service as proposed in a bill heard Monday by an Oregon House committee.


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Peak Vehicle Miles and City Planning 

Better Cities and Towns


A recent blog from Twin Cities Sidewalks highlights growing evidence that vehicle miles may have peaked.


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