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Transport: Metra Leery of WiFi Costs, Salt Lake Freeway Revolt, GOP Opposition VA Highway Plan, Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame


Metra Leery of WiFi Costs 

Chicago Tribune


Nearly half of riders use electronic devices, study finds, but providing wireless service on trains would be expensive, technologically difficult

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A Modern Day Freeway Revolt in Salt Lake 

Next City


Activists and advocates who speak highly of those energizing days when community groups banded together to stop highway projects should consider a trip to Salt Lake City.

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Fresh Eyes Led to Charlotte Streetcar Changes 

Charlotte Business Journal


A day after renaming and re-launching the bid for a city-funded segment of streetcar expansion, Ron Carlee said his role as a newcomer helped staffers suggest an alternative to break a yearlong standoff.

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GOP Opposition to Virginia Highway Plan Grows 

Transportation Nation


Another Virginia congressman is adding his voice to Republicans questioning the McDonnell's administration's plan to construct a major north-south highway in Northern Virginia, a parkway running west of Dulles International Airport and Manassas Battlefield that critics call an "outer beltway."

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Coalition Pushing for WA House Transportation Bill 

Seattle Transit Blog


As the video indicates, a broad coalition of interest groups, many of which broadly share STB's ideals, are expressing support for the latest version of the Clibborn package, HB 1954.

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Urban Cycling Hall of Fame Will Spotlight 'Urban Bike Movement' 

Bike Portland


ECHOS Communications, a marketing agency based in Sausalito, California with deep roots in the cycling industry and San Francisco-based Chrome Industries, announced this morning that they've launched the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame.

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Ways Technology is Rendering Autos Obsolete 

DC Streetsblog


As we try to understand why young people are so much less jazzed about driving than previous generations, one possible explanation always comes up: Kids today just love their smart phones.

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Refereeing the Bicycle Debate 

DC Streetsblog


There's a tussle going on right now about how cyclists should ride on city streets. Yesterday's Streetsblog Network post took a snapshot of this debate yesterday, excerpting the WashCycle's response to a Sarah Goodyear piece in Atlantic Cities.

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Could Snow Defeat Self Driving Cars? 

Transportation Issues Daily


Why would snow cause serious problems for self-driving cars? The answer is actually pretty obvious once you think about it.

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