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Transport: Private LRT Extension Plans, Bike Guidelines Outdated, Infrastructure Hawk, How SLT Became Transit Leader


Virginia Beach Considers Private Light Rail Ideas 

Virginian Pilot


A private-sector proposal to extend light rail into Virginia Beach merits a closer look and competing ideas will be welcomed, the City Council informally decided Tuesday.


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AASHTO Bike Guidelines Not Based on Research, Outdated 

Tri State Transportation Campaign


In a shock to no sustainable transportation advocate anywhere, a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health shows that the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the go-to resource for transportation engineering guidelines, holds antiquated views on bicycling facilities.


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The One Problem with Bike Share, Software 

Reuters, Felix Salmon


New York's bikeshare program has gotten off to a successful start - finally.


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Time to be an Infrastructure Hawk 

Washington Post, Ezra Klein


There's a far better case right now for being an infrastructure hawk than a deficit hawk.


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How Conservative Salt Lake Became a Transit Leader 

DC Streetsblog


It's number one in the nation in per-capita transit spending. The only city in the country building light rail, bus rapid transit, streetcars and commuter rail at the same time.


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Petition Could Promote Complete Streets 

Better Cities and Towns


Mention the words "functional classification of thoroughfares," and studies show that 99.9 percent of eyes will glaze over in boredom and incomprehension.


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Rotterdam, World's 3rd Largest Port 

Price Tags


The Port of Rotterdam is the third biggest in the world, after Shanghai and Singapore*.


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First Austrian Bicycle Street Inaugurated 



Within the framework of an amendment to the (Austrian) Road Traffic Act an innovation in cycle transport can now also be implemented in Austria.


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Cleveland Revisits Urban Renewal with Opportunity Corridor 

DC Streetsblog


Cleveland's business leaders want you to know that "The Opportunity Corridor" - a new road they want to jam through the city's southeast side - definitely isn't a highway.


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