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Transport: Rio's Wireless Tram, Boston Focus On Frequent Bus Routes, Importance Of Walking


Rio's Wireless Tram Project Moves Forward 

Global Rail News


Politicians in Rio have signed off R$1.2 billion to start construction of the city's new catenary-free tram network.

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MBTA Focuses Resources on 15 Frequent Routes 

Boston Globe


The MBTA says it will make its 15 busiest bus routes faster, more reliable, and more accessible through a series of changes this summer, which include relocating some stops and eliminating others.

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Car and Driver: Cars, Transit, Walking All Have a Place 

Car and Driver, via: Transportation Nation


In September 2012, Apple jettisoned Google Maps from its iOS 6 operating system and a maelstrom ensued.

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Focus Transportation on Downtown, or Neighborhoods? 

Greater Greater Washington


Should the design of major roads and our big transit projects favor moving large numbers of people in and out of downtown?

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Metro Chooses New Flyer for New Trolleybuses 

Seattle Transit Blog


Great news from Metro yesterday: the agency has selected a builder for its next big batch of trolleybuses, and the 60 coaches will have three doors.

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Houston Holds Onto Passengers 

Houston Chronicle Highwayman Blog


After a trend of declining ridership over the past few years, the Metropolitan Transit Authority seems to be holding on to riders even as other large transit systems lose passengers.

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The Physical Importance of Walking 

An Urban Rambler


Planners, urbanists and those who advocate for walkable neighborhoods have done a really good job of giving overarching reasons why we need to increase the amount of walkable neighborhoods in our cities.

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Indianapolis to Get Nation's Largest EV Car Share 



Are you a fan of electric vehicles who doesn't want to own your own car? Get thee to Indy.

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Should We Stop Giving the Disabled Free Parking? 

The Atlantic Cities


There is no good way to ask this without sounding like a jerk, but here it is: Do disabled people really need free parking?

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Elon Musk Might Also Free Us of Car Dealers 

Richard's Real Estate and Urban Economics


The Wall Street Journal has a good story today about how car dealerships are (successfully) lobbying legislatures to ban Tesla Motors from marketing their cars directly to consumers.

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