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Transport: Salt Lake LRT Early & Under Budget, Cinci Streetcar Obstructionism, Winnipeg BRT Snag, Costly SF Cable Cars


Salt Lake LRT Network 2 Years Early, $40M Under Budget 

Salt Lake Tribune


Riding high from this month's celebratory airport TRAX line launch - completed two years early and $40 million under budget - the Utah Transit Authority crossed a host of other items off its to-do list Wednesday

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Cinci Streetcar's Biggest Problem is Obstructionism 

Cincinnati City Beat


Step one: Create problems for Cincinnati's streetcar project. Step two: Blame the problems on the streetcar project. Step three: Political profit.

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Is Charlotte's Foxx Moving to DC for Secretary Post? 

Charlotte Observer, via: DC Streetsblog


Is Anthony Foxx headed to Washington? If there's anything to the chatter at the N.C. General Assembly, he is.

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Tri-Met to Use Ultracapacitors for Regenerative Breaking 

Railway Technology


American Maglev Technology (AMT) has selected Maxwell Technologies' ultracapacitors for an energy-saving braking energy recuperation system

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Houston Doesn't Include Uptown BRT in Regional Plans 

Houston Culturemap, via: @ttpolitic


Houston-Galveston Area Council committee voted not to include the Uptown Management District's proposed Bus Rapid Transit system among the projects included in the governmental planning agency's $460 million Transportation Improvement Plan

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Winnipeg's BRT Plan Hits a Snag 

Winnipeg Free Press, via: David Marsh


The completion of the Southwest Transitway is "in jeopardy" due to city-provincial squabbling over the financial responsibility for a $350-million extension of Winnipeg's first busway.

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Cable Cars Taking Money Away From Transit SF Actually Uses 

SF Weekly


Cable cars clang-clanging their way over the hills is as much a symbol of San Francisco as enraged bulls thundering through ancient streets embody Pamplona.

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The INRIX Traffic Scorecard Released 



The INRIX Traffic Scorecard provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of traffic congestion across the world. Click on any of the interactive charts and rankings to produce customized data views.

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Just How Screwed is the Highway Trust Fund 



The Highway Trust Fund won't be able to meet its obligations come 2015, according to a statement by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to the House Budget Committee.

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BART Launches Crowding Predictions 

The Source


Interesting news release from our friends at BART in the Bay Area on a new feature that predicts train crowding.

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