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Transport: Taxes & Transport In Toronto, Passenger Rail Regulation, Indianapolis Resurrects Freeway Plan, Reorganizing Honolulu Transit


Let's Not Just Throw Taxes at Transport Problem 

Toronto Globe and Mail


Remember back in the late 19th century? City streets in large European and North American cities were clogged with horses and carriages.

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Passenger Rail Industry Over-Regulated 

Systemic Failure


How many engineers does it take to change the brakes on a train?

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Long Dead Indianapolis Freeway Idea Gets New Life 

Urban Indy


The Indianapolis Star is reporting that a long dormant plan for an outer belt Indianapolis freeway may have new life. The idea which was introduced in 2006 and shot down, seems to have some new-found support in the Indiana State Legislature.

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Recommendations to Move Honolulu Bus and Rail Agencies Together 

Honolulu Business Journal


Honolulu City Councilman Breen Harimoto is proposing that the city's public bus system be taken over by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, the agency responsible for the city's $5.16 billion rail transit project.

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DC Streetcar Extension Study Points to Benning Road Terminus 

Washington City Paper


Construction resumed last week on the H Street streetcar line, the one that's theoretically supposed to get vehicles for testing this October and start running passenger trains shortly thereafter.

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What London's Oyster Card Can Teach Us About Fare Collection 

Philadelphia 2050


SEPTA's NPT wants to act like London's Oyster Card, but with an open platform. Many Oyster best practices are thus best practices SEPTA needs to implement.

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New Charlotte City Managers Suggests Studying Streetcar More 

Charlotte Observer


New Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee said Tuesday that he may recommend separating the controversial streetcar from a proposed capital plan in order to study it further.

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Amtrak Ridership Hits All Time High 

USA Today


A record number of travelers opted to ride Amtrak in March, helping the rail service achieve higher ridership numbers in the first six months of fiscal 2013, the carrier said today.

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The Contribution of Highway Investment to National Economic Growth 



I posted a while back Transportation Benefits Too Little.

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How Much Value Would HSR Investment Bring the US 

Harvard Business Review, via: @ttpolitic


Philadelphia is 101 miles from Manhattan, and the current travel time between the two cities is about 75 minutes on the Acela, a bit longer by regional rail.*

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