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Urban Issues: Blighted Properties, Spanish Country Life, Naming Streets in Berlin, Food Deserts


Baltimore Community Groups Sue Blighted Property Owners

Baltimore Sun, via: @RWhelanWSJ


Six Baltimore community groups filed an $8 million lawsuit Tuesday against a Texas man whose companies own dozens of properties in the city, alleging that he failed to improve rundown homes after purchasing them at tax sales and allowed them to become a danger.

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Pittsburgh Foundation Saves and Flips Old Buildings

CBC News


Group of concerned residents formed a non-profit organization 50 years ago. Part 2 of Steel to Steel: Bright ideas from Pittsburgh to Hamilton

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With City Jobs Waning in Spain, Country Life Coming Back

Christian Science Monitor


After decades of population loss to cities, rural areas in Spain – and across Europe – have been gaining allure as havens from the ongoing recession.

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Albany the Most Average City in America

Mother Jones


Annie Lowrey asks: What is the most perfectly average place in America? Tyler Cowen nominates Knoxville.

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Naming Streets as Means of Change and Protest in Berlin

New York Times, via: GC


When city authorities asked the Jewish Museum here to propose a name for the cobblestone square outside its new education center, museum officials promptly suggested Moses Mendelssohn.

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Building Cities On Philanthropy

The Pop Up City


The City of Dublin has launched plans for a new central City Library at Parnell Square. This new 21st century cultural hotspot will help launch the northern part of Dublin’s downtown as a new cultural quarter.

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Eliminating Food Deserts Result in Community Oases



On April 12, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke cited Jane Jacobs when he called for “bottom up” community development at a Federal Reserve community development conference.

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