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Urban Issues: California Affordable Housing Woes, Brazilian World Cup Protests, World Population Map


How Can Affordable Housing Survive in California 

San Diego Union Tribune


The future of affordable housing in California has looked bleak with reduced funding from the federal government and the elimination of redevelopment agencies, a major funding source for such development in the state.

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Why Brazilians Are Protesting the World Cup 

Next City


This week more than 200,000 protesters took to the streets of Brazil's largest cities to protest - well, a number of things, but major issues include increased bus fares and a too-high cost of living.

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Worlds Population Mapped by Latitude and Longitude 

Geekosystem, via: Crikey Urbanist


Radical cartographer and Harvard grad student Bill Rankin devised these fascinating maps, which show the sum of all population living at each degree of latitude or longitude circa 2000.

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Mapped: iPhones in the West, Android in the East 

Greater Greater Washington


Where do people use iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, and other devices?

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Five Ways Congress Plans to Hurt Communities 

APA Daily Planning News


This week the House of Representatives took the first toward a historic gutting of programs aimed at building stronger, more resilient communities through smart housing and transportation investments.

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What's the Matter With Toronto? Deeper Than Rob Ford 

Next City


Bumbling, willfully ignorant and (apparently) crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford seems a poor poster child for a city of Toronto's stature.

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Brain Drain Can Be Good 

Pacific Standard Magazine


Call it whatever you like, but it's actually good for economic development. People in certain places, like the U.K. and Brazil, understand this.

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