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Urban Issues: Deadly Sedentary Lifestyle, Wages & Ohio Housing, Austin Perfect For Google Fiber, Glaeser On Detroit


Sedentary Living Kills More Than Smoking 

The City Fix


Some actions, such as hopping in your car to go to the bakery, may be putting your life at risk.

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Hourly Wage Needed to Live Comfortably in Ohio 

Urban Cincy


A new report shows that many Americans do not make enough money to be able to afford fair market rent for a two-bedroom apartment.

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Development's Big Debate will be Between Technocrats and Humanists 

Guardian UK, via: @hankdittmar


Technocrats prioritise material progress; humanists focus on political rights. What we need is balance

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Austin the Perfect Place for Google's Next Fiber Investment 

Next City


The wait to find out which U.S. city will become the second home to Google Fiber is over. It's Austin, folks.

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Is Ed Glaeser Wrong About Detroit? 

Rust Wire


Two weeks ago, Ed Glaeser, professor of Economics at Harvard and author of The Triumph of the City, wrote another in a series of articles that use Detroit as an example of a failed city that has lost its "entrepreneurial culture,"

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Megacities Growing Fast, Karachi, the Fastest 

New Geography


The modern megacity may have been largely an invention of the West, but it's increasingly to be found largely in the East.

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