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Urban Issues: Nashville's Time To Shine, US Housing Supply, China's Housing Restrictions, Charleston Creative Corridor

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Nashville's Time to Shine is Now 

Nashville Tennessean


Half a century ago, the founding fathers of Metro knew their city was coming up short.


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Geography Must be Taught in Nashville Schools 



On behalf of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), I am writing to urge you to maintain a distinct geography curriculum for Tennessee's K-12 students.


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Vital for US to Increase Housing Supply 

Knox News, Jackie Mayo


Housing is again in the news: this time, because housing demand nationally is rising.


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China's New Measures to Restrict Housing Sales 

New York Times, via: @bruce_katz


In an effort to cool the resurgent property market, two of China's biggest cities announced over the weekend that they would put in place a series of new restrictions and penalties on housing sales.


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Should Cities Be Run Like Silicon Valley? 

Governing Magazine


Cities are contracting with Code for America - what some call "the Peace Corps for geeks" - in an effort to seed Silicon Valley virtues in local government.


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Enthusiasm for a Creative Corridor in Charleston 

Post and Courier


Something new is afoot in Charleston. The creative types are stirring, trying to get organized.


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Is Google Maps Changing Our Behavior? 

The Atlantic Cities


Earlier this week BBC News published an interesting feature on the ways Street View in particular, and Google Maps in general, impacts how pedestrians navigate a city.


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What Would Sacramento with $250M Instead of Stadium? 

Sacramento Press


Yesterday, Sacramento Press contributor Tony Sheppard challenged fellow readers and contributors to share what they would do with a theoretical $250 million, in a way that might bring a greater return than a basketball arena


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How Hasidic Community Solved Affordable Housing Issue 

New York Observer, via: Planetizen


Strolling down Bedford Avenue, you're greeted by a solid wall of new six-story brick buildings.


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Every American City Needs Office of Urban Innovation 

Urban Institute Metro Trends


It's midnight. A cop stands on a street corner giving ad hoc counseling to a man in crisis.


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