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Urban Issues: Phoenix Job Focus, Perils In Toronto Condo Market, NC Rural & Urban Divide, 11B World Population Forecast


Phoenix Branding to Focus on Growing Jobs 

Arizona Republic


Its identity drowned in a sea of anonymity, the East Valley is no more. Oh, you can still call it that if you want, and most folks around here probably will.

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Toronto Condo Market Could Destabilize Economy 

CBC News


The Bank of Canada is warning that certain overheated segments of the housing market could put Canada's economy at risk and has again singled out Toronto's condominium market as an area of particular concern.

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NC State Budget Plans Expand Rural/Urban Divide 

News and Observer


Rural needs and state priorities seemed out of sync this week as legislators from poor and small counties tried to win sympathy from colleagues for their problems.

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City Will Benefit from Losing Money on Parcels 

Associated Press


A pending city sale of five residential parcels will cost the city money but strengthen a troubled neighborhood, Lincoln officials say.

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World Population Could Reach 11 Billion 

Science Daily


A new statistical analysis shows the world population could reach nearly 11 billion by the end of the century, according to a United Nations report issued June 13.

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As Cities Prosper, Poor People Move to Suburbs 



The number of low-income people living in suburbs increased 67 percent between 2000 and 2011, altering longstanding perceptions of a rising middle-class fleeing from cities to achieve the American Dream, according to this Brookings Institution report.

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Strong Demand for Rental Housing Driving Construction 

Housing Perspectives


As the housing recovery gains momentum, one encouraging sign has been the strong return of multifamily construction.

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St. Louis Raises $100m to Invest in Startups 

Crain's Cleveland Business


Leaders in St. Louis' public and private sectors are taking a page from Cleveland's playbook by unveiling plans today to raise $100 million over five years to invest in and support local startups.

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The Best and Worst Cities for Newspapers 

Ad Age, via: Crikey, The Urbanist


The percentage of daily print newspaper readers in the U.S. has fallen nearly 20% since 2001, according to research firm Scarborough.

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