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Urban Issues: Renting More Popular, NYC Affordability, Zoning & Crime, Economy Will Be Urban & High Tech, Paying Cash For Homes


Energy Companies Choose Katy for Relocation 

Houston Chronicle


It is no secret the energy industry is booming and creating jobs across the board in most every company even closely associated with oil and gas.

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Renting More Popular Than Ever 

The Atlantic Cities


Home ownership is a well entrenched component of the American dream. But that may well be changing, according to a major survey released earlier this month from the MacArthur Foundation.

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21st Century Economy Will Be Urban, High Tech, Green 

Harvard Business Review


In my experience, even very sharp business leaders tend to misunderstand three facts when thinking about climate change.

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Who Says NYC Isn't Affordable? 

New York Times Magazine


One of the first things you learn when living in New York is that what qualifies as wealthy somewhere else seems barely middle class here.

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25 Percent of Twin Cities Homebuyers Paid in Cash 

Minnesota Post


When I was in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, my fellow volunteers and I developed a meteorological theory of underdevelopment.

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Could Better Zoning Limit Crime 

Stockton City Limits


Last year, I wrote about the effect that planning can have on crime, noting that a well planned city or community can have a direct affect on public safety.

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