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Urban Issues: Summer Music Fest Bubble, 'Unbanked' Residents, Albuquerque Innovation Hubs, GIS Role In Planning


Is There a Summer Music Festival Bubble? 

Sustainable Cities Collective


If you haven't already, grab your feather earrings and fanny pack, because we're deep into summer music festival season. Like you could've already seen Vampire Weekend at five different festivals across the country deep.

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"The Great Unbanked", Residents Without an Account 

National Council of La Raza, via: @shelterforce


I'm eager to participate in this year's meeting of Clinton Global Initiative America and address a topic close to my heart: American Adaptability.

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Two Innovation Hubs Split in Albuquerque 

Albuquerque Journal


Downtown Albuquerque at Central and Broadway and the Aperture Center at Mesa del Sol are emerging as two prime locations for new "innovation hubs" that aim to promote high-tech business development.

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Salt Lake Edge Quickly Becoming Tech Job Corridor 

Salt Lake Tribune


In northern Utah County, hundreds of workers at IM Flash Technologies turn the silicon in common sand into speedy, power-efficient flash memory chips that store songs, photos, documents and other data in mobile phones, cameras and tablets.

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The Role of GIS in Planning Support Systems 

Goodspeed Update


This dissertation examines new professional practices in urban planning that utilize new types of spatial planning support systems (PSS) based on geographic information systems (GIS) software.

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Housing Receivership Option for Nuisance Properties 

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space


In 2002, I went to the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference, which was then in Cleveland, and I was exposed on a bunch of tours to the neighborhood stabilization efforts of the Cleveland Restoration Society and the Famikos Foundation.

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Why Plans Sometimes Fail 

Plan Charlotte


You'd think I would have known better. After all, I've been writing about growth since before they called it Smart Growth, and I'm still writing about it now that it's "resiliency," or "sustainable growth" or whatever the next term is.

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Remembering the Urban in the Turkish Uprisings 

The Polis Blog


As events unfold in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, there is a tendency for the urban issues that sparked the uprising to fade into the background.

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