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Urbanism&Design: Cleveland Development, Parking & Ugly Buildings, Livable Military Bases, Calif. Less Sprawling


Is All This New Ohio City Development Good? 

Cleveland Scene


Come Saturday, Ohio City will be bedlam, as it is most Saturdays. The intersection of West 25th and Lorain will be endlessly logjammed as the suburban tourists descend upon the West Side Market with their bags and their strollers and all the force and rancor of the Uruk-hai.

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Parking Requirements Force More Ugly Buildings 

Sightline Institute, via: @streetsblognet


Cars have shaped much of the North American West, including Cascadia, where drive-through restaurants, shopping centers, highway strip malls, and single-family neighborhoods miles from commercial services dominate much of the urban and suburban landscape.

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Pentagon Mandate, Make Bases Livable 

DC Streetsblog


"The largest redevelopment opportunity in the world is at the Department of Defense."

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Cleveland's BRT Line Has Boosted Transit and Development 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


It looks and feels like a subway, but it's not. The HealthLine is a bus route, but calling it that doesn't begin to do it justice.

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California Sprawls Less Over 60 Years 

California Planning and Development Report


You might wonder how many times I can write a blog highlighting how different California is from the rest of the country when it comes to density.

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Can We Still Build Real Architecture? 

City Journal


One of Dickens's villains boasts that he's never moved by a pretty face, for he can see the grinning skull beneath. That's realism, he says. But it's a strange kind of realism that can look through life in all its vibrancy to focus only on death.

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Devastating Impact of 30 Years of Sprawl 

The Atlantic Cities


How much have cities in Texas expanded in just the past few decades? A "truckload" I believe is the appropriate regional answer

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Sidewalk Stories Focuses on Tulsa's Poor Walkability 

Tulsa World


Six months after her grandmother was struck and killed by a car on Cherry Street, Josie Carlson is working to get more sidewalks and safer crosswalks in the Tulsa area.

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