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Urbanism&Design: Return Of McMansions, Cargo-Oriented Development, Modesto Sprawl Plan, Value Capture DC Neighborhood


McMansions Coming Back 

New York Times Economix


Construction of new homes dropped off a cliff during the housing bust. But where there has been building of single-family homes in recent years, the homes have been getting bigger.

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A Boost for Cargo Oriented Development 

Center for Neighborhood Technology


The promise of cargo-oriented development (COD) in Chicago's South Suburbs got a boost from the Illinois General Assembly last week.

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Modesto Chamber Plan Could Cover Best Land in Sprawl 

Modesto Bee


Before the Stamp Out Sprawl movement became Measure E and was publicly voted "the law of the land," each member of the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors was consulted and asked to place the initiative on the ballot.

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How Value Capture Launched DC's Newest Neighborhood 

Smart Growth America


At certain times of day, competition for an available bicycle can be fierce at the Capital Bikeshare station on the corner of 1st and M Street NE in Washington, D.C. That intersection serves as the unofficial crossroads for the city's newest and fastest growing neighborhood

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Paint A Crosswalk, Go to Prison 

Vibrant Bay Area


Last Thursday, Anthony Cardenas was arrested by Vallejo police for felony vandalism. For a city known to have some crime problems, this wouldn't be much of a story had it not been how Cardenas had vandalized state property.

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Better Traffic Models Can Lead to More Mixed Use Development 

DC Streetsblog


Here's another obscure but significant obstacle to building walkable places in America: the Institute of Transportation Engineers' shoddy traffic generation models for mixed-use development.

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The Paradox of the Place Making Consultant


A few weeks ago, I attended one of those big civic dinners that take place annually in every city across the country. It was fun!

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Intensity of Land Use Has Doubled in 20th Century 

Science Daily


The growth of green plants - which can be measured in terms of "net primary production," or NPP for short - provides the energetic foundation for all life on earth.

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Overallocation of Urban Space to Cars 

Slate Moneybox


The Wall Street Journal's freakout over bicycle sharing in New York presents a good opportunity to discuss the real issue here-systematic over-allocation of public space in urban areas to cars.

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