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Urbanism & Design: Tourniquet For Hemorrhaging Retail, ATM Banking Revolution, Revitalizing Pittsburgh, Density & Voting, Design Oriented vs. Passive Traffic Safety


Treating Hemorrhaging Retail with a Tourniquet. 

American Dirt


It's a topic I can rarely avoid for long: the ups and downs of the American retail landscape.

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ATMs Revolutionized Banking 

Charleston Daily Mail


Most adults living in urban areas around the world have come in contact with an automated teller machine. For many, it represents their "bank" far more than rows of tellers standing behind tall counters.

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The Plan to Revitalize Pittsburgh's North Riverfront 

Architect's Newspaper, via: Planetizen


A long stretch along the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, once home to steel mills, suffered, like so many cities along the Rust Belt, from the decline of local industry.

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How Density Affects Your Vote 

The Atlantic Cities


Political scientists and party activists continue to sift through the demographic tea leaves left behind by the last election-the Democrats' white South problem, the Republicans' larger race problem, the growing generational divide.

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Design Oriented vs. Passive Traffic Safety 

Car Fee Baltimore


While I was recuperating from my fall this winter, I spent a lot of time reading about international development and public health.

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