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Center for TOD Demand Estimate Update

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Market demand estimate for TOD rises from 14.6 million households by 2025 to 15.2 million by 2030.

The Center for TOD has updated its market demand estimate for the number of households likely to be looking to rent or buy housing near transit, from 14.6 million households by 2025 to 15.2 million households by 2030. These numbers are more than double the number of households who live near transit today. Meeting this demand would necessitate building 2,000 housing units near every station in the U.S.

The earlier demand estimate was released in our landmark TOD market study "Hidden in Plain Sight: Capturing the Demand for Housing Near Transit" in 2004. The numbers were updated for 2030 in order to be consistent with the time horizon of many regional transportation and land use planning efforts underway, as well as to account for the construction of new fixed-guideway systems.