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Transit Oriented Development - Making It Happen

Transit Oriented Development, Making it Happen is a book about realizing the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the United States and Australia.  Edited by John Renne and Carey Curtis, this book contains a chapter by Reconnecting America staff members Shelley Poticha and Jeff Wood entitled Transit Oriented for All: Delivering Mixed Income Housing in Transit Served Neighborhoods.

Product Description from Amazon:

Until very recently, facilitation of car-based travel has been central to the planning of cities in the developed world. Over the past 50 years, this has resulted in urban sprawl which has far-reaching effects on accessibility by other modes of transport, together with social, economic and environmental problems. Planners have, however, begun to address issues of urban environmental sustainability and a key concern has been to develop a highly accessible city within the context of reducing the need to travel by car. This concept is entitled 'Transit Oriented Development' (TOD). This volume brings together the different stakeholders and disciplines that are involved in the conception and implementation of TOD to provide a comprehensive overview of the realisation of this concept in Australia, North America and Europe. While TOD systems have been implemented widely, there are still strong vested interests (property, community, state) which encourage the maintenance of the car-dependent urban form. The book firstly identifies these various challenges and shows, through a range of international case studies, successful ways of addressing these. It provides a range of insights into how to move from TOD policy to regulation; urban design solutions; issues for local governance; the need to work with community; and the commercial realities of TOD. It shows how many barriers have been overcome, while others remain and new ones are emerging. In its conclusion, the book draws together the key principles that make TOD happen, addressing both substantive issues (what needs to be done, and when) and procedural issues (who needs to be involved, and how).

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