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Realizing The Potential: Expanding Housing Opportunities Near Transit

The FTA and HUD funded this report to examine the effectiveness of regional strategies to ensure there is mixed-income housing near transit. Advancing the state of the practice of linking mixed-income housing to transit investments requires greater creativity and commitment by all levels of government. This report examines five case study regions: Boston, Charlotte, Denver, Minneapolis, and Portland, Oregon. Given the growing demand for housing near transit and limited number of developable sites, the report finds that cities and regions need to be proactive in order to accommodate income diversity in TOD.

Chapters 1 and 2 provide background and context on the need for coordinating housing and transportation investments, the growing projected demand for housing near transit, and the changing dynamics of the housing market.

Chapter 3 provides an overview of the five case study regions.

Chapters 4 – 8 each describe in detail the local land use, market, and affordability conditions within the case study regions and selected corridors, and strategies being developed.

Chapter 9 reports on findings from the case studies and Chapter 10 provides a discussion of recommendations for local, regional, state and Federal action.