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Now more than ever Americans realize change is possible, that we can act together to set this country on a new course that better responds to today¹s realities. The current economic crisis, instability in the Middle East, the wave of foreclosures and increasing evidence of climate change all suggest it is not our parents' reality anymore. The American Dream is alive and well but it is evolving, and we must push forward with an agenda that keeps America competitive and makes us all more financially secure. If the single-family home in the suburbs was the American Dream of yore, the new American Dream also includes lofts, townhomes, live-work spaces and apartments in walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods near high-quality transit ­­-- neighborhoods that will go a long way toward setting America on the path to fiscal and environmental sustainability and security. America has become more diverse and we must build and retrofit our cities and our suburbs to keep up with this new reality. At Reconnecting America we believe we can provide affordable, convenient, healthy lifestyles for Americans of all ages and incomes in diverse and human-scaled communities. Reconnecting America is well-positioned and working hard to make this 21st Century American Dream a reality.