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Request for Developer Qualifications: Millbrae BART Station


The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (“BART”) is pleased to announce the availability of property it owns at the Millbrae BART Station for private development. BART’s station area property offering is located within the City of Millbrae as depicted in Exhibits 1 and 2.

BART is offering four parcels of its station area property as shown on Exhibit 2. All of the four parcels are offered to maximize flexibility to the development community. However, developers should clearly note that all of BART’s property is currently encumbered (as noted below). Currently, the offering consists of the following:

  • BART Parking South (surface): 2.4 acres with an FAR of 2.0 = 180,000 square feet.
  • BART Parking North (garage): 2,096 spaces, available for shared use.
  • BART Parking East (surface): 5.2 acres with an FAR of 0.5 = 65,000 square feet.
  • BART/SamTrans Intermodal Area (subject to modification and relocation): 2.0 acres.

The property offered is located within, and all private development will be governed by, the City of Millbrae’s Station Area Specific Plan, adopted on November 24, 1998. Overall, the City envisions approximately one million square feet of office, 1,000 hotel rooms, 290 residential units, and 100,000 square feet of retail in the 116 acre Specific Plan area.

BART is soliciting developer qualifications as a first step in identifying a development team to transform the BART property into an exciting transit-oriented development (“TOD”) project. Such a project would require the approval of the City of Millbrae and involve the cooperation of the San Mateo County Transit District (“SamTrans”). Depending on submittals, BART may either select a development team to immediately begin negotiations or request submittal of additional material by the pre-qualified development teams for ultimate selection for negotiations.

The balance of this solicitation provides additional background on both BART and the City of Millbrae’s Specific Plan, identifies the material to be submitted by developers, and outlines the selection process.